20 new and fun kid-friendly Easter activities to try this year

Easter — on April 17 this year — is coming up. Many families have traditions they’ve been celebrating on the holiday for as long as they can remember. At the same time, some of those traditions — like everything else in our lives — have gone out the window the past two years as we’ve been living through a pandemic that required social distancing, avoiding crowds and lots of flexibility.

This year, lots of us are getting back to normal, some are still wary of our new normal and others are wondering how to integrate our old traditions with some of the new stuff we’ve been doing the last two years, and maybe add even more novelty to the holiday.

Whether you’re still taking COVID precautions and looking for exciting close-to-home activities, or you won’t be able to visit family and friends this year, or you’re just looking for something new to supplement your Easter traditions, here are some ideas.

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