2022-23 Spring Grove coaching staff named

Spring Grove School Board members met in the school’s Learning Resource Center on Monday, June 20, from 7-7:50 pm for the regular school board meeting.

Board members present included Chairman Aaron Solum, Stephanie Jaster, Aric Elton, Kelly Rohland, and Jenny Stender. Member absent was Rhan Flatin.

The board approved the meeting agenda, minutes from the Monday, May 16 regular board meeting, the treasurer’s report, and approval of bills.

Julianna Lile and Laura Eglinton submitted their resignations as junior high volleyball coach and paraprofessional, respectively.

The board approved the Q Comp Report submitted by Q Comp Coordinator Dave Konz.

The Spring Grove coaching staff for the 2022-23 school year includes volleyball: head coach Kelsey Morken, assistant / junior varsity / C-squad Taylor Elton, junior high head Lauren Arneson, and junior high / junior varsity / C-squad assistant Harlee Gavin football: head coach Kody Moore, assistant Aric Elton, assistants (split position) Kaare Sanness and Donny Hagen, and junior high Brian Anderson; basketball: head girls coach Taylor Elton, assistant / junior varsity Blaine Storlie, junior high head Tim Opat. Grinde, assistant / junior varsity Al Lochner, junior high head Aric Elton, and junior high assistant Toby Leahy; baseball: head coach Chris Strinmoen and assistant / junior varsity Blaine Storlie. not been filled.

Clifton Larson Allen LLP audit engagement letter was approved to the tune of $ 19,110.

Superintendent Rachel Udstuen shared that it is a good opportunity to encourage families to fill out the free and reduced meal population form if they are wondering why meals are not offered during the summer. enough, Udstuen noted, “That could bring back some food service back to us and that is great for kids.”

Thirty nine girls have expressed interest in playing softball for Spring Grove School. Udstuen stated, “That number is higher than when baseball came back.” Athletic Director Michelle Anderson is not interested in being the coach but would be available to consult. doable, ”stated Anderson.“ If there is interest, we should be pursuing it for next spring. ”Anderson will gather more information and bring it to the July board meeting.

District Accountant Tanya Elton summarized the numbers on the 2022-23 proposed budget, “We had all these Federal dollars the last few years and those dollars are now dwindling away.” She went on to explain that the Community Service budget jumped from $ 61,376 to $ 212,245 Elton also noted that due to the pandemic the school experienced a loss of students from 2020 to 2021. Food service fund is down because the program. The food reimbursement rates for 2022-23 have not been released so Elton explained that she did some “by-guessing and by-gollying” to arrive at the numbers on the budget. Elton did not include the grant being worked on into the general fund budget and the show say a loss of six students in 2021-2022. The board approved Udstuen’s recommendation to approve the budget.

Favorite school fundraisers are listed on the schedule of over 40 fundraisers for the 2022-23 school year. Included are concession sales at basketball and volleyball games, Heggies Pizza, Super Saver cards, tumbler cups, homecoming coronation admission and cookie sales, spirit stick sales , haunted event, dessert theater, corn drive, butter braids / Puffins, cookie dough sales, football clothing apparel webstore, Red’s pork burger cookout, raffle sales, candy bar sales, dinner at Red’s, prom viewing admission, Hat Day, holiday drawing / bake sale, frozen food sales, pie night, flower sales, Red’s dinners, yearbook sales, fruit sales, yearbook ad sales, photo button sale, healthy holiday treat sales, carnation sales, Spring Grove Communications Annual meeting, Love Your Melon hats, volleyball cancer awareness match, and farm partnership pork meal / celebration.

There was no public comment regarding the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARP) / Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER) Safe Learning Plan. Udstuen reminded the board that the public has an opportunity twice a year, June and December, to comment on the plan.

The school’s hourly support staff will see a 2.5% increase in 2022-23.

The board approved the school’s updated 10-year long term facilities maintenance plan.

The next regular board meeting of the Spring Grove Public School Board is scheduled for Tuesday, July 18. The meeting is scheduled for 7:30 pm in the school’s Learning Resource Center. In addition, the school continues to offer board meetings on Google Meet for Any who would like to attend virtually. For assistance monitoring the meeting, contact the district office at (507) 498-3221 or email rachel.udstuen@springgrove.k12.mn.us.

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