40 Photos of the Royals During the Summer

While it may seem like all work and no play, the royals always find time to enjoy the summer. For starters, they take their travels very seriously — from honeymooning in Spain to sailing on the royal yacht to visiting the pyramids in Giza. But they also make the most of the warm season by spending quality time as a family outside on the grounds of Windsor Castle or visiting Balmoral for the weekend.

Feeling nostalgic? We found photos from as early as the 1930s of the royal family on holiday. From Queen Elizabeth II’s days as a young girl to Princess Diana’s vacations with her boys, get ready to see the royals soaking up the sun on trips for business , pleasure and, most times, a little bit of both!

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A 10-year-old Princess Elizabeth (before her current reign as queen) on the grounds of the Royal Lodge in Windsor during a July trip. The Little Cottage (pictured behind the Princess) was gifted to Elizabeth and her sister, Princess Margaret, by the people of Wales in 1932.

Princess Margaret and her newly wedded husband, Anthony Armstrong-Jones, wave to onlookers as they set sail on their honeymoon in 1960. For six weeks, the couple sailed through the West Indies on their gorgeous Caribbean vacation.

Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret catch some rays on the lawn during their time at Windsor Castle in July of 1941. While the sisters spent a great deal of time at Windsor, their parents — King George VI and Queen Elizabeth — would visit on occasional evenings and weekends.

Dressed in an iconic beige outfit designed by Catherine Walker, Diana, Princess of Wales, takes in the sights on an official tour of the pyramids in Giza during a May trip to Cairo in 1992.

While at a celebration at Abergeldie Castle in Scotland, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret sold white heather to help the funds for Crathie Church. During a break in the festivities, the two girls found some rope to play with, because, why not ?!

King George VI, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret relax as a family in the summer sun at the Royal Lodge in Windsor.

Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret watch a race at the Derby Day at Epsom in 1959. The pair cheered on the Queen’s colt, Above Suspicion, but Parthia — owned by Sir Humphrey de Trafford — took home the win.

Princess Margaret makes the most of her summer holiday in Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, Italy by taking a dip in the ocean.

Princess Diana enjoys a family holiday at the Spanish palace in Mallorca with her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

Princess Anne and Prince Philip participate in the Cowes Regatta off the Isle of Wright by setting sail on the famous royal yacht, Bloodhound.

Two years after Princess Elizabeth visited the country, Princess Margaret traveled to Nazare, Portugal for a private visit during the summer of 1959.

Setting sail! Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles arrive in Aberdeen, Scotland by boat to soak up an annual summer holiday.

A month before her tragic death, Princess Diana, her sons and her boyfriend, Dodi Al Fayed, sail in the clear waters of St. Tropez, France during a summer vacation.

Catching some rays and waves, Prince Charles attempted to surf in the sun in Deauville, while vacationing in Normandy, France.

During the royal family’s summer vacation to Norway, Queen Elizabeth II tried her luck at the classic European lawn game, Boules.

Princess Diana and her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, visit Canada to take in Niagara Falls. The family donned matching rain jackets as they sailed by the towering falls on a sightseeing boat tour.

Princess Margaret (accompanied by Lord Snowdon in a bright blue suit) celebrates a holiday with the Aga Khan at his summer vacation resort.

The royals spent frequent retreats at Windsor Castle after Queen Elizabeth II took up the throne. Here, the Queen spends time with Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, and, of course, one of her beloved corgis, Sugar.

Princess Diana and her family vacation in Spain with the Spanish royals in August 1990. The Princess of Wales found some alone time while sailing over the Palma de Mallorca harbor on Juan Carlos’ boat.

While on a royal tour of Jamaica, Princess Anne and Prince Philip had an adventure when they embarked on a guided raft tour of the fast-moving rapids of the Rio Grande river.

Traveling in style, Queen Elizabeth II and her son, Prince Edward, sail on the royal yacht Britannia on a summer cruise to Scotland.

The Princess of Wales strolls the lawns of Windsor with a young Prince William and Major Ronald Ferguson during a summer polo match at Guards Polo Club.

Prince William has a wild time riding Splash Mountain with friends of the royal family during a vacation to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Florida.

All aboard the Bloodhound! Prince Philip and Princess Anne spend Cowes Week — the highly-respected British regatta — aboard the royal yacht.

The castle is where she spent one of her first dates with Prince Charles (and the entire royal family). The castle is where she spent one of her first dates with the River Dee during a summer vacation to Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

What better way to spend a summer day than at the Olympics? The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge celebrate a gold win and a new world record for the men’s sprint cycling team on day six of the London games.

On their way to Scotland — one of the royal’s frequent vacation destinations — Queen Elizabeth II stops in Holyhead, Wales with her family.

Prince Harry and Prince William explore the banks of the River Dee at Balmoral Castle with father, Prince Charles.

Princess Margaret visits Jamaica with husband Lord Snowdon to commemorate the island’s independence from British rule. The festivities included fireworks, dances, parades and a gala.

Prince Charles and son Prince William holiday with King Constantine of Greece on board the yacht Fortuna.

Princess Anne on a trip to Windsor Great Park to watch her father, Prince Philip, play polo — a sport he competed in until the age of 50.

A 37-year-old Princess Margaret enjoys a dip in the crystal blue waters of Costa Smeralda, Sardinia while on vacation.

Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret spend time with one of the family’s royal canines at Windsor. Today, the Queen has a well-known love for corgis and has owned many in her lifetime.

Prince Harry and Princess Diana walk a pony at Highgrove House, which was the family’s weekend residence. It was purchased by the Prince of Wales in 1980.

Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret sail on the Royal Launch during the celebrated regatta at Oxfordshire — a British tradition since 1839.

Princess Diana speeds along the water with her 12-year-old son, Prince Harry, on a jet ski while on vacation in Saint-Tropez.

During an annual trip to Balmoral Castle in Scotland, the royal family celebrates Princess Margaret’s 21st birthday — but not before the Queen Mother and Margaret play with a 3-year-old Prince Charles in the fountain on the grounds.

The Cowes Regatta gave the royal family plenty of opportunities to soak up time on the water. Princess Anne and Lord Burghersh, only 16 at the time, watch the competition from the royal yacht Bloodhound.

A lifelong lover of the breed, the Queen Mother walks one of her beloved corgis along a windy beach in Norfolk during a summer holiday.

Princess Anne used to take sailing trips with her father, Prince Philip, as a child. Here, at 24 years old, she sails at the helm of a yacht by herself.

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