5 local favorites to savor a snack

July 1 is National Gingersnap Day and local bakeries are offering special ginger treats to celebrate.

Gingersnap, a popular savory snack filled with ginger, are typically made with powdered ginger, molasses, brown sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon.

Though the origin of the holiday remains unknown, it is believed that gingersnap cookies originated in 13th century Germany and served as the German Christmas version of gingerbread cookies.

This year, help celebrate the day by indulging in a delicious ginger-themed treat at one of these five local spots.

Fresh, locally roasted beans from Lineage Coffee power the gingersnap nitro cold brew at Gideon’s Bakehouse, which will return to the Disney Springs location for one day only July 1.

Gideon’s Bakehouse owner Steve Lewis said the gingersnap cold brew was something the store offered when it first opened, but was later replaced by the pumpkin chai, which was a disappointment to many.

“In my opinion, the gingersnap cookie was created to be paired with morning coffee cake,” Lewis said. “So we’re bringing that back for just one day.”

Lewis said the bakery does not use any store-bought syrups to make their cold brews.

“Everything is housemade,” Lewis said. “It’s all vegan as well.”

Because the gingersnap cold brew has not been offered since last September, Lewis said he and his staff are excited to bring it back.

“It’s a favorite of all of ours,” Lewis said. “I hope people come in droves for it and give me an excuse to bring it back again.”

Food holidays are magic, Lewis said, because they put a spotlight on what local businesses are doing.

“The beauty of these national holidays,” Lewis said. “It seems like every day is to focus on someone else, so everyone gets their turn.”

If you go: Disney Springs, 1486 Buena Vista Drive in Lake Buena Vista or 3201 Corrine Drive in Orlando, gideonsbakehouse.com

Though Aunt Gingibread’s Bakery will not be serving gingersnap cookies on National Gingersnap Day, the bakery will be offering its delicious gingerbread cookies, which are similar to the gingersnap.

Aunt Gingerbread’s Store owner Jennifer Javorowsky said the gingersnap cookie is basically the gingerbread cookie with sugar on it.

“The ingredients are mostly the same,” Javorowsky said. “If you have that really good gingerbread, it should be a little crispy on the outside, but the inside should be nice and soft.”

The gingersnap has the same effect, Javorowsky said, but is typically a little thinner and crispier as the sugar crystallizes as it bakes.

“You get that crunch on the outside, but then a soft ginger cake on the inside,” Javorwosky said.

Javorowsky said the bakery only makes gingersnaps for the holidays, but because the cookies are so similar, people can still celebrate the food holiday with gingerbread cookies. And, if people pay a visit to Aunt Gingibread’s for National Gingersnap Day, they will get the best gingerbread cookies around.

“My son and I love gingerbread — we have tried several, including’The Mouse,’” Javorowsky said. “And ours are the best.”

If you go: 409 S. Park Ave. in Apopka, 321-231-9378

Typically only offered during the winter holidays, Charlie’s Bakery and Creamery is commemorating National Gingersnap Day by serving their signature gingerbread cookies in honor of the holiday.

Tricia Hage, who bought the bakery in September, said the previous owner served the gingerbread cookies all year long.

“I didn’t understand that,” Hage said. “So I changed it.”

Hage said customers were upset with the change, so she told them to watch for the bakery’s business emails to inform them when the cookies would be served again. She figured National Gingersnap Day was a good time.

“I thought, might as well,” Hage said. “For a couple days and make some people happy — and celebrate a holiday.”

Hage said gingersnap is more of a dense texture compared to gingerbread, which is softer.

“It’s just a personal preference,” Hage said. “If you’re looking for more of a plain cookie, gingerbread is delicious.”

If you go: 213 Curry Ford Road in Orlando, 407-898-9561

A crackled appearance with a slightly crunchy sugar coated exterior and a chewy and spice ginger molasses flavored interior make Sister Honey’s Bakery ginger cookies a top pick to celebrate National Gingersnap Day.

“We can barely keep up with customer demand,” Sister Honey’s Store owner Evette Rahman said. “I try not to eat them because I won’t stop!”

Rahman said the cookies are sold in four-count packs and are fantastic with a hot morning beverage.

The main difference between the gingersnaps and Sister Honey’s cookies, Rahman said, is the gingersnap are thin and crunchy.

“They are baked longer and probably contain less molasses and leavening,” Rahman said. “Our cookies are thick, rich, and chewy.”

Rahman said food holidays such as National Gingersnap Day are important because they give focus on particular foods that people may have forgotten about due to currently trending food.

“It keeps traditions alive for the next generation. It says’don’t forget about me and how wonderful I taste,’” Rahman said. “Then again, great foods made right will never go out of style.”

If you go: 247 E. Michigan St. in Orlando, 407-730-7315

Gingersnap pairs well with coffee, and Lickety Split at Four Seasons Resort Orlando will be offering a complimentary gingersnap cookie with any hot beverage in honor of National Gingersnap Day.

“Our gingersnap cookies are freshly baked in-house,” Four Seasons public relations manager Nicole Abinajem said.

And, they are baked to perfection by two-time James Beard Award nominee executive pastry chef Rabii Saber and his pastry team.

A perfect pairing for a perfect food holiday.

If you go: 10100 Dream Tree Blvd. in Golden Oak, 407-313-7777; fourseasons.com/orlando/dining/lounges/lickety_split

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