7 Father’s Day ideas to drive restaurant sales

Tony Smith, CEO and co-founder of Restaurant365, shares a few ways that restaurants can cash in on Father’s Day.

While it may take some time for kids to appreciate a father’s wisdom, Father’s Day is an annual opportunity to show Dad how loved he is. A very popular way to show the love is by taking him out to eat. After all, making Dad fire up the grill and stand in the heat cooking on his namesake holiday would be a huge MIS-STEAK (pun intended)!

Data from our 28,000+ restaurant customers at Restaurant365 for 2021 shows an average 19% increase in sales on Father’s Day compared to the four Sundays prior — as well as a $ 10 million increase compared to the Sunday directly before and after Father’s Day. What a great opportunity to spend a little extra effort and pull more of that into your restaurant.

Below are seven examples of how restaurants can boost traffic and maximize revenue this Father’s Day weekend:

1. Promote yourself in a funny way online
Social media is a basically free and highly effective way to promote your Father’s Day specials. Engage your followers by running an interactive contest for the best dad jokes. It could be just for fun, or you can up the competition by offering the winner a free meal or gift card to your restaurant.

2. Include all “dads” in your promotions
Why only advertise specials to traditional fathers? Father’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate all the important men in our life. Whether a biological father, adoptive father, stepfather, grandfather, uncle, or male mentor, Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to recognize any male role model that has positively influenced your life.

3. Celebrate all weekend
Who says Father’s Day needs to be limited to Sunday? Start your Father’s Day promotions on Friday to capture more holiday revenue by catering to those who are not big fans of crowds. It’s common for Dads with multiple adult kids to be taken out more than once that weekend.

4. Offer a prix fix (or fixe if you’re fancy) Menu
A prix fix menu is always helpful when you are expecting a crowd. Striking the perfect balance between popular yet low-cost seasonal flavors can create a finer dining experience for the guest, while also offering cost and efficiency benefits for the restaurant – a win- win. Prix fix menus increase sales, reduce inventory, consolidate prep, reduce stress for both BOH and FOH employees, and help with forecasting since each plate has a set cost.

5. Give a gift, get a gift.
Running a free $ 10 promotional gift card (or e-gift card) for every purchase of a $ 50 gift card is a smart way to ensure return visitors. If you are concerned about cash flow, it is usually acceptable to put an expiration date of 30 , 60, or 90 days on the cards as long as it is clearly visible to the recipient.

6. Boost to-go sales
You can boost to-go sales by offering carry-out family bundles. Some Dads want to stay home and relax on Father’s Day! A carry-out bundle is the perfect way to feed the entire family with little effort.

7. Partner up
Consider teaming up with a neighboring business to create an event, not just a meal. A little co-marketing for a package deal such as dinner and movie tickets, bowling passes, laser tag games, etc., can go a long way in getting See if a nearby business is willing to partner with you in marketing each other’s businesses for Father’s Day Fun Packages.

There is no doubt that Father’s Day will create a nice boost in sales for the restaurant industry, but don’t leave it to chance. Properly promoting your restaurant as the Father’s Day destination of choice will get customers in the door. Proper execution and great service will keep them coming back!


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