A return to two-week October half term school holiday all set for green light

A return to a two-week October half term holiday looks set to be approved by senior Isle of Wight councillors next week.

It follows an Island-wide consultation which attracted more than 3,250 responses, with the majority (57 per cent) indicating a preference for an extended autumn half term holiday.

Now Cabinet members are being asked to approve the 2023/24 school holiday calendar which includes a two-week October half term break between Monday 23rd October 2023 and Friday 3rd November 2023.

Andre: A clear preference among all groups
Cllr Debbie Andre, Cabinet lead for children’s services, education and skills, said,

“The decision to revert to a one-week autumn half term for 2022/23 was made using the results of a smaller consultation carried out prior to my coming into post.

“I worked closely with the team to ensure the recent consultation carried out for 2023/24 would be more thorough, offering a choice of three options and seeking views from a wide range of participants including headteachers, teaching unions, parents / carers and pupils themselves ..

“The consultation this time received 3,257 responses and I would like to personally thank all of those who took the time to respond.

“There was a clear preference among all groups which we have recognized and it is on this strong evidence that the term times for 2023/24 have been set to include a two-week autumn half term break, while maintaining the statutory 195 school days, allowing for five teacher training days. ”

Not all schools use the Isle of Wight Council-agreed dates. Academies, voluntary aided, foundation and free schools set their own term dates.

The two-week October half term was first introduced in the 2019/20 academic year. The one-week half term was reintroduced in 2022/23.

New dates
If the new dates are agreed for 2023/24:

  • Autumn term 2023 will run from Friday 1st September 2023 and end on Tuesday 19th December, with half term from Monday 23rd October to Friday 3rd November.
  • Spring term would start on Tuesday 2nd January 2024 and end on Thursday 28th March 2024, with half term from Monday 12th February until Friday 16th February.
  • Summer term would start on Monday 15th April and end on Friday 26rh July, with half term from Monday 27th May until Friday 31st May.

The Cabinet is due to meet next Thursday (12th May) and the full report is available to read here.

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