A spectacle to see, but a danger to people, pets and the planet

I won’t make any new friends with this column and might lose some old ones, but today I join the growing legion of people calling for a ban on fireworks. Fireworks, like illicit drugs, deliver a spectacular, illusory high, but the real effects can be devastating to people, pets and the planet.

Nothing I write here will stop thousands of San Antonians on July 4 from thronging to Woodlawn Lake, Six Flags Fiesta Texas or SeaWorld for the annual fireworks displays. Still, however unpopular, a ban is something community leaders need to seriously consider.

Meanwhile, thousands of at-home celebrants will light the night sky with their own purchased skyrockets and missiles — despite a ban declared by the Bexar County fire marshal because of severe drought and fire hazard conditions here. Individuals face a $ 500 fine, but enforcement capabilities are limited.

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