Disneyland ticket prices 2022: See Mickey and Minnie Mouse in California

If you want to visit Disneyland, also known as’the happiest place on Earth’, then you need to plan carefully to ensure your smiles of excitement don’t turn into frowns of frustration.

Leave it to the last minute and costs can suddenly ramp up, particularly if you’re traveling with a family or group.

But the good news is that if you think about your trip in advance, a trip to Disneyland Resort in California could be well within your family’s budget.

Here’s what you need to know to cut costs and have the holiday of a lifetime at Disney for less.

Disneyland Ticket Types and Passes

The key thing to know before buying tickets is that the Disneyland Resort consists of two parks: Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Essentially, there are two ticket types.

One park tickets allow you to visit one park a day.

Hopper tickets allow you to visit both parks per day. You can get Hopper tickets valid for between one and 14 days.

Parks open between 8am and 10am and close at between 10pm and midnight, depending on the season.

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Disneyland Ticket Prices

The price of tickets depends on how many parks you are visiting and how many days you want to witness the magic.

There are price variations depending on peak times, key holiday dates and special occasions, but you can view a price calendar on the Expedia website to find the best value dates.

Single-Day Tickets

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One-day tickets to one park start at £ 86 and can be purchased on the Disney website.

Add both parks to the booking and secure a Hooper pass for £ 49 extra, making it £ 135. You can go between the parks as much as you like.

If your plans change and you can no longer attend on the day booked, you can use the ticket on a more expensive day if you pay the difference at the gate. If you choose to use them on a cheaper day, no refund is given. Tickets purchased in 2022 must be used by December 2023.

Multi-Day Tickets

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If you’re likely to be in California for a week or more, multi-day tickets are a great-value and flexible option. You don’t have to use them on consecutive days but they must be used within 13 days of the first use. All can be bought online at Expedia before you arrive in California.

Two day tickets start at £ 204.66 for one park and £ 252.82 for Hopper tickets

Three day tickets start at £ 264.86 for one park and £ 313.01 for Hopper tickets

Four day tickets start at £ 288.94 for one park and £ 337.09 for Hopper tickets

Five day tickets start at £ 304.99 for one park and £ 353.14 per day for Hopper tickets.

Tips for buying Disneyland Tickets

If you don’t have much time or don’t like queueing, it’s recommended to purchase the Genie Plus experience before your visit. This means you’ll receive Lightning Lane entry arrival windows for a different set of select attractions all day long. You ‘ll be able to mobile order food, make dining reservations, check into a restaurant and join a dining walk-up list.

If you’re not staying inside the Disney Resort, hotel prices are a lot cheaper and you can drive in and out of the park easily. There are a variety of options at all price ranges at booking.com.

Buy a lanyard to keep your tickets safe. Lost tickets cannot be replaced and you don’t want the magic to end early.

If you order online at the Disney website, opt for eTickets. You can print them at home and go straight to the gate. Your e-ticket will be scanned, and you will receive a standard Disneyland Resort theme park ticket for use throughout your visit. ..

Pack a portable phone charger. Your phone will get a ton of use a ton at Disneyland as you navigate the park via the Disney app and pay for food and gifts, so a portable charger will be your friend.

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