Drag queen bingo is salacious fun at That Pop Up Bar in North Canton

NORTH CANTON – Nothing was unusual outside Twisted Citrus restaurant on a weekday.

Cars were parked in a lot for area businesses. Vehicles buzzed along North Main Street.

Behind the front door, however, it was anything but quiet on drag bingo night at That Pop Up Bar, the restaurant’s nighttime spin-off attraction on select dates.

Two flamboyantly-attired drag queens preened as they called out bingo numbers in between sips of gin and tonic. Raunchy jokes and blush-inducing doses of sexual innuendo were interspersed amid laughs. Some banter was risqué enough to trigger humorous gasps from bingo players.

“How many first-timers do we have in the house tonight?” Peach Fuzz asked the crowd of mostly women, her voice booming through a microphone.

Creative food and drinks are on the menu at That Pop Up Bar, an offshoot of Twisted Citrus restaurant in North Canton. The bar hosts drag bingo nights on select dates.

After several arms shot up in the air, the drag queen perked up: “Oh … a room full of virgins! I love to see it.”

Fellow queen Anhedonia Delight quipped: “I feel right at home.”

Peach Fuzz laid on the snark: “I bet you do – so virginal and young that, girl, like the Mother Mary herself.”

“Shut the (expletive) up,” the fellow drag queen countered sassily with a thrust of the hips.

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