Earth, Wind and Flowers Garden Club sale

It happens once a year. The perennial plant sale of the Earth, Wind and Flowers Garden Club is this Saturday from 9 am until noon. The sales area is in the Arts and Crafts building on the Crawford County Fairgrounds. Members have been loading and delivering. over a two-day period filling those shelves.

In the beginning, we used driveways or garages like Lynn Kime’s and Mary Ann Basinger’s. As members increased, so did the plant offerings. Each of us thinned gobs of perennial plants. We ended up in the flower show building at the fairgrounds until overflowing led to the immense Arts and Crafts building.

Last growing season several garden club members began dividing, potting and labeling perennial plants. Named plants help buyers make selections. Pictures can help everyone understand plant behavior such as height and growth habit. We have learned that plants growing half a year in a pot home are presentable in May. Perky and healthy, they tempt shoppers.

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