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The author and his son night fishing | Jeffrey Walters

Growing up we learn traditions that we as adults bring with us to teach our children. Whether it be a religious holiday or just a simple family tradition, we as parents strive to keep these alive. One such tradition is Father’s Day activities, and in my household that usually meant doing something outdoor-related. As we teach our children these traditions, they not only remind us of our past, but they show us our future as well.

My dad always had a fishing pole handy in case there was a chance to wet a line. I too do the same and I have taught my son. Now years later, we both have a fishing rod handy all the time in our cars and trucks With the modern-day lifestyle we all live, the cell phone is a direct connection to our fishing adventures whether alone or together. There are days when my cell phone chimes with photos of a 4-pound plus largemouth bass caught at some local watering hole by my son. And I never miss a chance to do the same to him while he is hard at work making a living.

However, the best times are when we spend those moments together outdoors doing something that we both have grown to love, and Father’s Day is when my son makes the effort to make this happen. In the past it has always been myself that has made the plans to spend the day together, now I simply wait for him to show up and let him drive to a new or other place that we have been to before – always low-key and cost-effective, full of what nature can provide, minus the great meal afterward.

Telling stories repeatedly that we have both heard or told before. Keeping that image alive in our memory and waiting to make more. We both strive to leave our busy lives back home to be picked up again when the day is done. This is our family tradition that has been carried forward and I am sure it will improve with time and with new family additions.

Getting out on Father’s Day can take some planning and outdoor areas are not hard to find even living in the Kern River Valley. Surrounded by nature, the river, the lake and the mountains are all just a few minutes away and that is what makes our valley so special. So, on this Father’s Day, take your Pa out fishing, let your kids take their Pa out fishing and better yet, have Mom take Dad someplace quiet to go fishing. Start a new family tradition by taking that one special person fishing and pass this on to your children and their children too.

Fishing is not only a sport, but also a way of life and for some of us, it is the ties that bind. Thinking back on all those years ago brings a tear and a smile to my face. So this year on that special day , do something special and take an old man fishing.


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