GET TO KNOW THE GAME: What is your favorite Fourth of July tradition? | The Game

Every few weeks the lineup of THE GAME 103.7 Lafayette and 104.1 Lake Charles — Southwest Louisiana’s Sports Station will share a little something about themselves.
This week the team answers the question: “What is your favorite Fourth of July tradition?”

Hannah Five Names (Morning Producer)
“Regarding the Fourth of July, it depends on which set of parents I was with to know what we did for the holiday. When I was with my mom and stepdad we often had it at our house and once we got to our big house we With my stepmom and dad just about every year we would go camping and no we were not in tents! We started at cabins with MANY boxes of brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts (us kids may have tried to catch minnows with the pop tarts) and lots of rides on the jet skis. Nowadays they go in my aunt’s camper and go to different campgrounds usually with one day just being on the water and playing bingo in the dining hall. ”

Matt Miguez (Host of Crunchtime with Miguez & Meche)
“My favorite Fourth of July tradition is barbecuing, hanging out by the pool, and watching the fireworks at night. Also, a good baseball game on tv is always a bonus. You can’t beat hot dogs, hamburgers, and watermelon in that July heat. ”

Clint Domingue (Host of Under the Dome)
“My favorite Fourth of July tradition nowadays is just to enjoy a peaceful day at home, watch the Hot Dog eating contest while also eating a couple of hot dogs. Then I usually go to the movies if there’s a good movie out. In the past , I used to make it over to one of my parent’s close friends house because they used to live by the old Evangeline Downs and watch the fireworks – that was always a highlight of my Fourth of Julys. ”

Raymond Partsch III (Host of RP3 & Company)
“For me, it was always watching massive firework shows or popping fireworks with my family, including one year watching them be shot over the beach by the Mississippi Coast Coliseum. I love the fact that I have continued that tradition now with my daughter. Getting to watch her face light up — no pun intended — when the fireworks light up the sky is pretty special. ”

Jordy Hultberg (Host of The Jordy Hultberg Show)
“My favorite 4th of July tradition is the boat parade on 3 Mile Lake between Krotz Springs & Port Barre. Decorating the boat, filling up hundreds of water balloons & water guns, playing music, grilling. So much fun. Later that evening, a first class fireworks show with all the boats cruising on the lake. Great family time. So much fun. ”

James Meche (Afternoon Shows Producer)
“There aren’t many traditions we have in the Meche household, but for a few years in a row, we would go to Crystal Beach, Texas, and would spend about a week there and stay at my dad’s cousin’s house. It was always a fun and chill time to spend with her and her husband during that part of the year. ”

Kevin Foote (Host of Footenotes)
“Lots of food, playing games and hopefully watching Astros in the afternoon and then hunting down fireworks show at night.”

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