GOP leaders express more interest in Hunter Biden than governing

Indeed, it’s largely the point of the holiday: Independence Day offers an opportunity to reflect on the importance of the American experiment.

But ahead of this year’s holiday, some prominent House GOP leaders had something else on their minds. The Washington Post noted:

Republicans are promising they will target the president’s son, Hunter Biden, with investigations if they win back the House majority in the midterm elections. In an op-ed published Friday in the New York Post, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif. ), along with Reps. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and James Comer (R-Ky.), Vowed to investigate Biden’s business dealings, calling them “shady” and citing accusations made in a New York Post article that claimed Hunter Biden used his father’s connections for his deals.

The Washington Post’s report added that the claims at the heart of the Republicans’ piece have already been “repeatedly proven to be false.”

But when it comes to Hunter Biden, accuracy doesn’t appear to be especially important to GOP lawmakers.

On the one hand, Republicans routinely insist that Democrats aren’t prioritizing the issues voting care about. On the other hand, Republicans also insist they’ll focus their attention on the president’s son — someone who’s never worked in government at any level — just as soon as votes give them power to do so.

But also of interest is the intensity Ron Johnson was asked if there were any potentially life-saving measures he might be willing to support. “Before we pass anything new,” the Wisconsin Republican replied. , “Let’s enforce the laws we already have. Let’s start with Hunter Biden.”

A month earlier, Dana Milbank examined recent rhetoric from Republican Rep. James Comer, who’s slated to lead the House Oversight Committee in the event of a GOP takeover. Summarizing the Republican congressman’s outlandish claims, the columnist explained, “So, to recap, Hunter Biden controls cobalt in Congo, fentanyl in Mexico, coronavirus in Wuhan and war in Ukraine. It is just a matter of time until Republicans find a Hunter Biden angle in Jeffrey Epstein’s demise and UFOs off the coast of California. The popular refrain at Trump rallies. Now we know. In the Republican imagination, Hunter is everywhere. ”

In March, Donald Trump went so far as to publicly call on Vladimir Putin’s government to uncover and release dirt on the American president’s son.

But those expecting GOP policymakers to actually focus on those issues in the next Congress, and propose meaningful governing solutions, are likely to be disappointed.

The party is already going out of its way to tell votes what it cares about most.

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