Gov. DeSantis signs tax relief bill for items like diapers and gas

OCALA, Fla. (WFLA) — Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill instating tax holidays on a number of items, such as diapers and gas at a press conference at a Sam’s Club in Ocala Friday morning.

In total, Florida House Bill 7071 creates four tax holidays, as well as several other permanent and temporary tax exemptions.

According to Gov. DeSantis, the bill provides $ 1.2 billion in tax relief, which he claims is the largest in the state’s history.

He said this was Florida’s response to inflation.

“We also wanted to figure out what we could so to help mitigate the harm that’s been caused by this inflationary spiral,” DeSantis said. “The tax relief you’re going to see, are going to see breaks in really critical needs.

The gas tax holiday runs the entire month of October. Impact-resistant windows, doors, and garage doors are tax-exempt for two years starting July 1.

Children’s clothing, diapers and energy efficient appliances will not be taxed for one year starting July 1.

A three-month exemption for children’s books begins May 1.

A two-week back-to-school tax holiday runs from July 25 to Aug. 7. It’s not a new tax holiday, but it is the longest tax holiday of its kind since it was introduced in 1998, according to legislative analysis.

A two-week disaster preparedness sales tax holiday starts May 28. Items exempt from taxes in that window are batteries, portable generators and self-powered radios and lights.

The Freedom Week sales tax holiday makes events tickets and activities between July 1 and December 31 tax-exempt. Tickets must be bought the week of July 1. Exemptions include tickets for live music and sporting events, fairs and supplies for a number of outdoor activities.

The one-week Tool Times sales tax holiday provides tax exemptions for tools used by skilled trade workers, including power tools and certain protective gear. That starts September 3.

The permanent exemptions include machinery used for green energy and admission to large sporting events such as Formula One races and World Cup soccer matches.

Sales tax on the sale of mobile homes is reduced from six to three percent.

A full list of the tax holidays can be found here.

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