Halal soul food chef to serve grab-and-go meals during Ramadan

For chef Khalipha Kane, food and cooking were initially not part of her plan for herself, but it was always part of her life.

The halal food truck owner and caterer said part of the heart of her family growing up was cooking, making meals and having dinner time.

“My grandmother used food as a way to connect, and really just love on our family,” she said. “So I experienced that as a kid, from soul food Sundays to the holidays … my grandmother used food to bring us together . “.”

She said that while she watched her grandmother prepare meals growing up, and took what she learned to cook for her siblings, she never imagined it as a career choice, and instead went to school to be a court reporter. Now, she’s fully committed to feeding people as her calling.

“Ultimately, this is what I feel like God has destined for me … to cook and to spread love and joy, as I received it as a child, with the world,” said Kane, who now has five children of her own , some whom help her with the business. “My confirmation of my purpose is to spread love and joy through food. It has been fulfilled.”

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