Holiday Sales Numbers Prove the Value of the Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S The company’s previous generation of consoles had split themselves cleanly in two with the more powerful Xbox One X and the more affordable Xbox One S, so it was only natural for fans to assume that was one of Microsoft’s worst-kept secrets before its official announcement. Eventually, the Series X and Series S launched together, but some fans doubted that the Series S would be a hit given the continued desire for more powerful gaming hardware. by consumers.


Following Black Friday, however, it’s been reported that the Xbox Series S outsold the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and all Nintendo Switch models. One theory for this jump in sales for the system is that the PS5 and Series X have been notoriously difficult However, there’s another explanation for the Series S’newfound popularity that, when looking at all the signs, could just as likely be true: People simply really like the all-digital budget console.

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Xbox Series S: Promise of a Budget Current-Gen Gaming Experience

While Xbox Game Pass’slogan is “the best deal in gaming,” the Xbox Series S’should be “the best hardware deal in gaming,” as it’s undeniable just how great the system is. Although it’s less powerful than the likes of the PS5 or the Xbox Series X, it’s still a major step up from Xbox’s previous generation of hardware. Sure, the Series S can’t natively run games in 4K like the Series X can, however, many people looking to upgrade their gaming hardware might not even be playing games on a screen that can support such a high resolution.

In general, current-gen gaming hardware has a lot of settings that many fans can’t utilize due to other hardware restrictions, so it hardly makes sense for them to spend $ 500 on a console that they can’t use every feature of.

That’s where the Xbox Series S steps in, as a cheaper version of the Series X that can make the most out of whatever hardware a person is working with. The $ 300 price tag, while certainly expensive, is much more manageable for those looking for a more casual gaming experience. The Black Friday deals for the Xbox Series S that were going on lowered its price into the 200s, making it a no-brainer purchase for those looking to upgrade their gaming rigs.

The global chip shortage has impacted video game console manufacturing in a major way, and is one of the reasons why current-generation gaming hardware is so difficult to find in stores. While the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are flying off shelves as fast as They can be stocked, the Xbox Series S is a lot more widely available. This might be because of its hardware limitations when compared to the likes of its other current-gen counterparts, but it isn’t that far behind them, and still offers a great current-gen gaming experience for anyone looking to upgrade.

The fact that it can be bought with ease, however, makes it a much more viable purchase than other systems, as it doesn’t require high levels of luck and hours of patience to acquire. ‘t known yet, it seems likely that the console will continue topping sales charts throughout the rest of the year based on its availability and quality. While the sentiment might be looking a little too hard on the bright side of things, one good outcome of the microchip shortage might be that gaming enthusiasts are beginning to see the value in the Xbox Series S and recognize that it’s a great console for anyone looking to upgrade.

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