Is There Trash Pickup on Memorial Day? Holiday Garbage Collection Schedule

Memorial Day is a federal holiday, meaning that in some parts of the country, trash won’t be collected if the regular pickup day is Monday.

Memorial Day, when American military personnel that have died in service are remembered, is observed the last Monday in May.

Trash pickup varies depending on where a person lives, but if your usual pickup day falls on a Monday, you may be affected by the holiday.

Pedestrians pass by trash bags piled on a street in Manhattan on October 28, 2021. Memorial Day is a federal holiday, meaning that in some parts of the country, trash won’t be collected if the regular pickup day is Monday.
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New York City won’t be picking up trash on Memorial Day, but will be instead on Tuesday May 31, according to the city’s government website. Local government advises placing your trash on the curb side for collection between 4 pm and midnight on Monday evening ready for collection on Tuesday.

Other cities where trash is not collected on Memorial Day include Atlanta, Chicago, Columbus, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Ohio, Philadelphia, San Diego, Washington DC Most of these pickups will shift a day to Tuesday May 31, so residents are advised to put their trash out on Monday afternoon or evening, so that it can be collected the next day.

According to their local government websites, these cities will continue to pick up trash on Memorial Day, if your collection day is Monday: Austin, Dallas, Los Angeles, Nashville, Phoenix, San Antonio and San Francisco.

Charlotte, Jacksonville, Oklahoma City and Portland all will be collecting trash on Memorial Day.

As well as trash pickup, there are other services that will be closed on Memorial Day as it is an official government holiday.

Federal courts and government offices will be closed on May 30. Most banks, as well as The New York Stock Exchange, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, will not be operating on Memorial Day. Some local banks may be open.

Schools will also be closed so students can take the day off.

In most cities, the Department of Motor Vehicles is also closed.

However, a number of restaurants, fast food outlets and grocery stores will be open, many operating on reduced hours.

Many movie theaters, public parks and shopping malls should be open on the national holiday.

The holiday dates back to 1868, where it was initially called “Decoration Day” to remember those who died in the Civil War. Later, after two World Wars took place, the day then turned into a standard day of remembrance for US military personnel who died in all conflicts.

Congress standardized the holiday as “Memorial Day” in 1971 and changed its observance to the last Monday each May. Until 1970, it had always been observed on May 30, regardless whether it was a Monday or not.

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