It’s your birthday, America! Smile for the camera! Maybe just a little? No?

My family has an old photo of Dad on his 47th birthday on June 14, 1992. Dad is sitting there at the dining room table with his birthday cake in front of him. The evening must have been a hot one because he’s wearing a white tee -shirt.

Dad looks impatient in the photo. His lips are a little pursed. His eyes speak for him: Take the picture, already. Let’s get this over with.

Dad loved life and always did his part to make sure birthdays in our household were special. And historically, he always showed good cheer on his own big day. Speaking of old pictures, there’s a wonderful one of him on our front steps, his arms around my sister and me, beaming for the camera on his 31st birthday in 1976.

But this birthday in 1992, though. I doubt it ranked among his favorites.

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