July 4th concert by Choral Artists of Sarasota celebrates the nation

Planning an annual July Fourth concert for Choral Artists of Sarasota is a bit like preparing music for a holiday program. There are certain songs that you just have to include every year mixed in with other pieces that introduce audiences to music they don’t know.

Joseph Holt is mixing the new and the familiar for the annual “American Fanfare” program that will be presented at 4:30 pm July 4 in the Sarasota Opera House. It’s the 17th year for this holiday tradition that has grown in popularity over the years ..

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It outgrew its start at the Historic Asolo Theater and eventually moved to the First Methodist Church in downtown Sarasota. “We started to sell out there so the Opera House became the choice because it is the largest space that we have available,” Holt said.

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