July 4th Deals From Sweetwater to Light Up About This Holiday Weekend

For July 4, we found these sparkling deals from Sweetwater.com for the music lover in you. Sweetwater is offering up to 60% off their gear in the Deal Zone for the July 4th holiday and beyond. In the meantime, we are here to tell you about the ten hottest deals you can snag.

When large sales happen, it’s time to grab what you need. Pedals typically go for $ 300 a pop, so you know there are some great deals. The Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler Pedal has its issues, but it may be worth it with a savings. It’s going for $ 200 right now. of $ 100. This pedal will give you that vintage delay and echo effect that you need.

Was: $ 299.99

Instant Savings: $ 100.00

NOW: $ 199.99

Get this classic guitar along with the limited-time offer of $ 200 in bonus bucks. The Telecaster is a staple for guitarists with its twangy sound. It can play a range of genres, such as country, reggae, rock, pop, folk, soul , blues, jazz, punk, metal, alternative, indie rock, and R & B.

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NOW: $ 2,024.99 with $ 200 Bonus Bucks

Save $ 76 on this dual distortion pedal. Its two channels allow you to have equal gain levels on either side. It allows you two achieve two different noises with a tube-style overdrive or an option with more fuzz.

NOW: $ 165.00

If you are operating on a budget, you can get two mic stands for one low price. Each stand sells for $ 139.98, but you can get this two-pack for $ 129.

Originally: $ 139.98 each

NOW: Two for $ 129

Get this 20-foot cable for your guitar now at more than 50% off. One cable was going for $ 41.98 and now it’s a steal at less than $ 40 for two. This cable allows you to reach mobility while avoiding strains and tangles.

Originally: $ 41.98 each

NOW: Two for $ 35.00

Save $ 120 while achieving the crunchy sounds you need on this pedal. The pedal is now $ 100 and possesses two controls: “DRIVE” and “GRIT.” While you can ratio these knobs as much as you want, you can also control the treble and mids.

Was: $ 219.99

Instant Savings: $ 120.00

NOW: $ 99.99

This 4X6 snare drum is a good fit if you are looking to fill in your kit. The micro version allows for a wide-open tone enabling a blend of swing, funk, and bluegrass sounds. The steel shell with brass hoops makes a great addition to a drummer’s growing kit.

$ 22.50 Off While Supplies Last!

NOW: $ 439.00

Save $ 40 on this industry-standard speaker. These speakers provide a bang for your buck and are perfect for mixing your music, editing video, or just enjoying some music. You can upgrade your studio now with this JBL speaker to give you the consistent sound you need.

Was: $ 175.00

Instant Savings: $ 40.00

NOW: $ 135.00 (each)

If you are into producing music, then this is a really nice deal. You can get the entire Native Instrument Komplete 13 for half off at $ 599.50. This sound library is used by the finest in the industry and includes 118 instruments and 67,000 preset sounds. Komplete 13 includes Kontakt 6 sampling engine and Massive X synth among many others.

Was: $ 1,199.00

Instant Savings: $ 599.50

NOW: $ 599.50

The ADI-2 DAC features balanced and unbalanced analog outputs, RME’s Extreme Power headphone output, a Super Low Noise IEM output, proprietary SteadyClock FS technology, and so much more. Optimized for in-ear monitors and designed for focused listening, this compact unit allows for a distraction-free workspace when concentrating on sound.

Was: $ 1,299.00

Instant Savings: $ 300.00

NOW: $ 999.00

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