Las Ventanas al Paraíso, a Rosewood Resort — 25 Years in Los Cabos

We were invited to a cocktail party at Dallas’ Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek to meet the team from Las Ventanas al Paraíso and hear about their 25th Anniversary. Given that the Mansion is our home away from home of course we accepted. The luxury resort, located in San Jose del Cabo, with its unparalleled service, is paying homage to its Mexican heritage through a series of events and special activations to celebrate its quarter-century milestone.

But this was no ordinary meet-and-greet over a humdrum cocktail while a frenzy of business cards were swapped. Instead, we sipped the Hoja Santa Smash, a spicy and sweet Mezcal-based drink, and encountered their magician in residence. Yes, their magician in residence — Sterling Dietz. Who doesn’t get wide-eyed with amazement with some mesmerizing card tricks? In fact, we’re dreaming of a career shift so that our business card might say Sleight of Hand Impresario.

The Signature Villa at Las Ventanas in Los Cabos

The heavenly desert beach hideaway was designed to be harmoniously in tune with its surrounding nature and local flavor. They pride themselves on the privacy they offer guests in its 84 accommodations, including 12 signature villas that were introduced in 2015 and the crown jewel of the resort , the 28,000-square-foot Ty Warner Mansion.

Some of the amenities are not what one might normally find at a high-end getaway — pool and dog butlers as well as a dedicated Department of Romance (whose mantra is to make guests’ amorous dreams come true). And did we mention the magician in residence?

One of the many dining options – Sea Grill
One of Las Ventanas’ many dining options – Sea Grill

Food and libations top of mind? Look no further since Las Ventanas is home to La Botica, the first speakeasy in Los Cabos, which is known for its apothecary-themed cocktails, including the therefore Hoja Santa Smash, as well as the Serrano Chilli Cocktail The resort also features four distinct dining venues, including an authentic Oaxacan menu at Alebrije, Sea Grill featuring’Cocina del Fuego, a spicy concoction with notes of elderflower and the Spicy Pineapple Margarita, a classic spicy margarita with a sweet and fruity twist. ‘the Tequila Bar, and Asian-influenced Arbol.

La Botica is also home to the resort’s first-ever artist-in-residence, Rosalia de Cuba. De Cuba was performing at the Mansion on that recent visit and her powerful voice was belting out Afro-Cuban jazz medleys was giving us hints of Eartha Kitt, Celia Cruz, and Shirley Bassey. She also delightedly got the entire crowd in the Mansion Bar to be her backup singers that evening.

Performer-in-residence Rosalia de Cuba
Las Ventanas’ erformer-in-residence Rosalia de Cuba

Ready to gas up your G-4 and make a reservation? Well, consider venturing there in October to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos, one of Mexico’s most recognized traditions honoring all those who have passed. As part of the Rosewood on the Road program, The intimate group will head south to Tzintzuntzan, Michoacan, a destination famed for its holiday displays and twilight cemeteries, shrouded in marigolds and illuminated by thousands of candles. This once-in-a-lifetime experience showcases the nation’s rich culture.

A beach screaming for your Instagram story that will make all jealous
A beach screaming for your Instagram story.

Or, if you want to get there sooner, book your visit for July 4thAnd to make things even more memorable, arrange for 250 roses to be awaiting you in your suite. Yes, we’ve checked and they have them ready. And to make things even more memorable, arrange for 250 roses to be awaiting you in your suite.

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