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Inside Radio In our latest installment, we speak with one of the nation’s foremost voices on personal finances, Dave Ramsey, who hosts radio shows, podcasts, publishes books. , and hosts seminars designed to help Americans live debt-free.

We also gain some entrepreneurial insight from Sheri Lynch, one-half of the syndicated “Bob & Sheri Show” with Bob Lacey. Lynch and Lacey have expanded their reach to include podcasting, books, and a strong social media presence. The program recently switched flagship stations in Charlotteexiting their home of nearly 30 years, WLNK, for Beasley Media Group AC “K104.7” WKQC.

Stepping out alone with your brand is something financial radio host Dave Ramsey is very familiar with, launching a company three decades ago and building it into a multi-media powerhouse.

“From the first day of our business opening 30 years ago, we have used any possible method or media to share our content,” Ramsey tells Inside Radio“In the process, the radio show blew up and my love affair with radio has deepened over the years.” Over time, Ramsey has explored all types of media and has learned “that the diversification among the media and mediums has given us tremendous.” safety and upside. We are never trapped. ”

“The Bob & Sheri Show” took syndication matters into their own hands in 2017 with the formation of Now! Media, which was a turning point in the show, extending their brand and reach under their own terms.

“Being independent immediately gave us the freedom and agility to innovate and experiment,” Sheri Lynch explains. “Since we control the resources, we can invest in people, technology, marketing, promotions, etc. as needed, in real-time. We traded cheaper health insurance and a 401K for the luxury of being able to say’yes’ to good ideas. ”

Ramsey uses all the extensions “Our shows, books, and events are our biggest megaphones,” Ramsey says. “We have over 20 million listeners to the Ramsey Show, all of our books are. bestsellers, and we regularly have thousands, if not hundreds of thousands through the livestream … We have a pretty good process to maximize outreach through those channels. ”

Besides their 70-plus affiliate stations, “The Bob & Sheri Show” has “always been enthusiastic and aggressive on social media,” Lynch explains. “We host a live, virtual happy hour most weeks on Facebook. What began as a way to help quarantined folks feel a little more connected, has evolved into a weekly gathering. Our annual holiday event, held virtually on social media, draws thousands of listeners from all around the country. ”

“Bob & Sheri” also distributes a monthly email newsletter with additional content and contests and has been podcasting for more than 15 years. “We got into podcasting before it even had that name because we wanted to create a free-floating B & S’station’ “We launched our flagship podcast in 2006 and now have three branded Bob & Sheri pods. We’re currently building a small network of other shows that we believe will have strong appeal for our audience,” Lynch reveals. “We’re looking forward to announcing those very soon.”

Having control over content is key to both “The Bob & Sheri Show” and Dave Ramsey and has driven their brand extension.

“In this crazy divided and angry world, if you don’t control your brand and have a multi-platform approach you are much more susceptible to a corporate mandate or mob cancel effort to completely remove you from the conversation,” Ramsey says. There is tremendous brand integrity and strength in owning the distribution and being diversified. ”

Lynch says having additional outlets – the show has also published a number of books – “can be a powerful way to recruit new listeners at a time when competition for consumer attention is ferocious.” Additionally, “as consumer habits continue to shift and evolve, our challenge is demonstrating to the audience that radio does offer compelling and vital content, ”she adds. – Jay Gleason

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