North West finalists for the StartUp Awards National Series revealed

Finalists for the North West in a new UK-wide awards initiative championing the best in start-ups and entrepreneurial activity can been revealed.

The StartUp Awards National Series has been launched to recognise the booming startup scene across the UK which has accelerated since the pandemic began. In 2020, when most of the world was shutting down, more than 400,000 startups were set up in Britain, with similar increases seen in other European countries ..

This marked boost in nascent entrepreneurship is mirrored by a huge 2,500 applications which have been received in response to the Startup Awards National Series’ first ever call for entries.

The North West startups that made the shortlist are a true snapshot of the future economy, with a collective turnover of over £ 36m and officer 676 people between them.

One finalist said: “The people of the north have a real tenacity about them, and you don’t have to go far to find a mentor who has been there and done it.

“The talent is excellent as well, with the continued development of some serious universities and colleges. We have benefited from government backed growth hubs and continue to work closely with community programs for SMEs.”

The cohort of finalists will be considered for the regional prizes by a panel of seasoned judge with experience founding or supporting entrepreneurial ventures. This includes North West-based Ash Jones, founder of personal branding agency Great Influence, and Chris Legh, founder of Junkyard Golf ..

Supported nationally by BT, EY, Dell & Intel, the programme will celebrate the achievements of the amazing individuals across the UK who have turned an idea into an opportunity and taken the risk to launch a new product or service.

Co-founded by the team behind the Great British Entrepreneur Awards the new series follows the success of the Wales StartUp Awards, after organisers recognized the exceptional potential in the startup scene across the other British regions.

Professor Dylan Jones-Evans, the creator of the StartUp Awards National Series, said: “New firms are important for generating economic prosperity, employment opportunities and innovation. Since 2016, the Wales StartUp Awards have celebrated this amazing annual contribution to our economy by entrepreneurs and the impact they have on communities across the nation.

“Given the sheer volume of phenomenal startups we’ve heard from since then, as well as the huge post-pandemic shift in people’s desires to take their career in a new direction and set up a business against the odds, we felt it was the We’ve been blown away by the standard of entries from the North West in this first year and truly look forward to crowning the winners. ”

The awards will be held on July 5th at Cotton Sheds in Manchester.

This year’s StartUp Awards National Series finalists from the North West are:

B2B Services StartUp

Brandempwr, Founded by Ryan & Heather Metcalfe

Business Travel Desk Founded by Sebastian Burgess & Max Fone

Closer Consultancy Founded by Naima Lacerna

QASSS, Founded by Ciarán Harkin

Teach Well Toolkit Founded by Steve Waters, Suneta Bagri & Debbie Van Tonder

B2C Services StartUp

Birkdale Kitchen Company, Founded by Neil Gokcen & Stephen Dunne

Boombae, Founded by Olivia Norman

BEEWEIGHED Founded by Lynda Leadbetter

FindMyData, Founded by Claudiu Cogalniceanu

The Laser Lounge Founded by Lucie Grech

Construction & Building Services StartUp

A + A Property Stagers Founded by Angela Drakeford

NTB Survey Founded by Nick Bamber

Rogers Mchugh Recruitment, Founded by John Lugsden

Excel TM Group, Founded by Mike Dunn

Creative Start Up

Platinum Live Founded by Oliver Hodgson

Talk Twenties, Founded by Gaby Mendes

22 Impact Founded by Freedom Doran

Silverwood Jewelery Founded by Claire de Bezenac

Bizzybee, Founded by Erin Buch

Digital Start Up

Digibean, Founded by Luke Flannery

By Sam Crawford Founded by Sam Crawford

Inspired Copy, Founded by Jane Toner

Team Tracker, Founded by Robin Gibson & Andrew Isherwood

PamperBook, Founded by Jody Riley

Fintech StartUp

Bank North, Founded by Jonathan Thompson

Financielle Founded by Laura Pomfret & Holly Holland

Collctiv, Founded by Amy Whitell & Pete Casson

Food and Drink Start Up

Bio & Me, Founded by Jon Walsh & Dr Megan Rossi

Crave Drinks, Founded by Anita Rae

The Fermentation Station Founded by Sam Watson & Amy Yarker

Tipples of Manchester Founded by Thomas Pedley & Greg Adams

Global StartUp

Global HRIS, Founded by Simon Bradbury

Joshua Lloyd, Founded by Joshua Griffin

Orange County CBD Founded by Aaron Spinks & Sean McCullough

Graduate Start Up

Homethings, Founded by Tim Keaveney & Matthew Aubrey

TMI Lifestyle Founded by Yulanda Duff

Jarmabox, Founded by Sarah Stringer & Amarn Gulamhusein

Green Start Up

Eco Offset Founded by Chantelle Brandwood

FETCH.IT Founded by Kiki Lam

Greenr, Founded by Jimmy Murray & Gabrielle Bourret-Sicotte

CONTUR, Founded by Claire Turpin

Innovative StartUp

Aquarate Founded by Rebecca Taylor

My Time Wellness, Founded by Alexandra Ferguson & Natasha Richards

PixelMax, Founded by Shay O’Carroll, Rob Hilton & Andy Sands

PropCall Founded by Aaron Mcwilliam

Mobile & Emerging Technologies StartUp

Mindset Ai Founded by Jack Houghton, Christine Davies, Barrie Hadfield, Wic Verhoef & William Evans

GoJoe, Founded by Sophie Edwards, Will Turner & Phil Steele

Buymy upgrade Founded by Joe Bleasdale

Xploro, Founded by Holly Ward & Dom Raban

Online Retail StartUp

Coco’s Puppy Boutique, Founded by Kerry Cunliffe

Fable Yoga, Founded by Natalie Baker

Night Founded by Dan & Charlotte Hawthorne

Sophie Summer, Founded by Josefina Villanueva-Alonso

The NAP Co, Founded by Siobhan Dudley

Professional Services StartUp

Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing Founded by Lee Chambers

Manhattan Partners, Founded by Julie Mombielova & John Gaskell

Rowley Heron Associates Founded by Matt Jagger

Venndorly, Founded by Danny Seals & Sam Davies

Accountants247, Founded by James Drinkwater & Mark Greeve

Social Start Up

Stand Out Socks, Founded by Christian & Ross Laing

Changing Streams CIC Founded by Neal Maxwell

Offsite Alliance CIC Founded by Gaynor Tennent

Tourism & Leisure StartUp

Panache Cruises, Founded by James Cole

The Secret Garden Glamping Founded by Derry Green

Jacksonheim Founded by Corin Craig Jackson

Young Entrepreneur

22 Impact Founded by Freedom Doran

Boombae, Founded by Olivia Norman

Mindset Ai, Founded by Jack Houghton, Christine Davies, Barrie Hadfield, Wic Verhoef & William Evans

Manhattan Partners Founded by Julie Mombielova & John Gaskell

Rising Star Award

Pop Fizz Party Events Founded by Nicola Mills

The Foxlie Plan Founded by Allegra Foxlie

Winners Strength & Wellbeing, Founded by Chloe Blair

MOi + ME Founded by Catherine Meardon & Laura Walton

Sitori, Founded by Victoria Kennedy

Vibrant Skin Founded by Kelly & Sarah Owen

Upholstery2u Founded by Daniel Boyle

HACE: Data Changing Child Labor, Founded by Eleanor Harry

VOGO Tours, Founded by Harika Parmer

Greater Manchester StartUp

QASSS, Founded by Ciarán Harkin

PixelMax, Founded by Shay O’Carroll, Rob Hilton & Andy Sands

Mindset Ai, Founded by Jack Houghton, Christine Davies, Barrie Hadfield, Wic Verhoef, William Evans

Boombae, Founded by Olivia Norman

Merseyside Start-Up

Orange County CBD, Founded by Aaron Spinks & Sean McCullough

PropCall, Founded by Aaron Mcwilliam

22 Impact, Founded by Freedom Doran

Birkdale Kitchen Company, Founded by Neil Gokcen & Stephen Dunne

Cheshire Start-Up

Bio & Me Founded by Jon Walsh & Dr Megan Rossi

Excel TM Group, Founded by Mike Dunn

Accountants247 Founded by James Drinkwater & Mark Greeve

Night, Founded by Dan Hawthorne & Charlotte Hawthorne

For the full list of national finalist click here.


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