Oculus Quest 3: Release Dates, Price, Specifications, and Features

Oculus Quest 3: Release Dates, Price, Specifications, and Features

Facebook is now known as Meta, and its planned VR headset, Project Cambria, isn’t a Quest device at all. Not to worry, though, since Project Cambria is a brand new headset IP designed to introduce people to innovative VR technology that will enable Facebook to launch its aptly called (but probably overambitious) metaverse project.

Meta has confirmed that work on its next generation of more affordable VR headsets is still ongoing, which is excellent news for those worried that Project Cambria would have killed the Quest 3. In a 2021 earnings call, CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that Meta has been developing on “new hardware [that] fits the same platform [as the Quest 2]”For some time.

We’re still not sure if those remarks were meant in relation to an Oculus Quest 3 headset, a newer version of the Oculus Quest 2 (which is now available), or the recently announced Project Cambria, but we’re curious to see what additional Quest items Meta has in store for us over the next year or two.

The planned (and, we believe, existing) Quest hardware will no longer be called Oculus. Meta’s VR gadgets will now be branded’Meta Quest’. This means any Oculus Quest 3 headset will likely be called the Meta Quest 3.

For convenience, we’ll refer to the Oculus Quest 3 without the Meta prefix in this tutorial until the name becomes more widely accepted. So keep reading for all the latest VR news, speculations, and forecasts.


Project Cambria is rumored to launch next year, thus Meta’s next Quest headset won’t be available until 2023. The Quest 3’s late release is disappointing considering Meta’s apparent desire to become the home of popular VR gaming, but with the possibility of hardware launches clashing , the firm will likely put some distance between the two.

Analyst Brad Lynch recently tweeted (below) that the Oculus Quest 3 will be revealed during a 2023 Meta Connect event. Using the company’s annual event schedule, we may be playing Quest 3 by October 2023.

With the Quest 2 coming out in October 2020, only a year and a half after the first, there’s a chance the Quest 3 will follow suit – but analyst projections should always be treated with caution. The indicators are encouraging, and we’ll learn In a 2021 interview with The Information, Zuckerberg stated not only that Quest 3 is in the works, but also that Quest 4 is currently in the works.

“Because of how hardware gets developed, you kind of need to know what your next three products are going to look like all at the same time,” Zuckerberg said. We have product teams spun up now working on the next few generations of virtual reality and what Quest 3 and 4 are gonna look like.

It’s wonderful news for anyone eager to learn more about the Quest 3. But it’s not all roses. An online chat between two key Oculus executives in April 2021 suggested that the company’s next device would be an incremental Oculus Quest 2 Pro upgrade rather than a full -on Oculus Quest 3 successor – but again, this could be in reference to the upgraded Quest 2 or the recently-announced Project Cambria. Meta hasn’t been really obvious. All things considered, our best bet for Oculus Quest 3 is late 2023 ..


We expect the Quest 3 to be a standalone VR headset with improved battery life, processing power, and resolution. The Quest 2 has a 50% clearer picture than the original, setting a high bar for the Quest 3. The Quest 2 additionally boosted the refresh rate from 72Hz to 90Hz, and then to 120Hz in 2021.

As a result, the Quest 3 will have a minimum refresh rate of 120Hz, albeit it remains to be seen whether subsequent VR games will fully benefit from the improvement.

Interestingly, according to analyst Brad Lynch’s tweet, the Quest 3 would have uOLED panels (an upgraded version of OLED). Definitively, Meta’s upcoming Quest headset will push the frontiers of visual fidelity.

Moreover, CREAL, a Swiss VR tech company, showed off a headgear capable of focusing at vast distances and generating high-resolution visuals up close last year. Despite not yet being offered to the general public, we may see something similar with the Quest 3 ..

The Quest 3’s display can also run at 240Hz, which is double the 120Hz refresh rate set by the Quest 2 update. The headset’s weight could be reduced more, or the headset’s comfort could be improved. There have been recent speculations that a new Oculus ( now Meta) VR headset codenamed “Seacliff” is being shown in numerous videos, which could imply some design changes coming to Meta’s next gadget.

These movies show a new VR headgear (wireless like the Oculus Quest 2) with a slimmer front visor, weight spread across the front, and a pack at the back. After the cryptic Project Cambria announcement, we’re pretty sure Seacliff is a codename for Project Cambria – however, the video does hint at possible form changes in a new Quest headset.

The PS5 DualSense controller’s haptic feedback seems like it may enrich VR experiences if it made it to the Quest’s pair of controllers in a meaningful way.

The Quest 3 will almost certainly be integrated with the Meta ecosystem, requiring a Meta account to access the platform. This requirement means you’ll be exposed to Meta’s data monitoring techniques again, so if you’re against data harvesting in general, you’ re out of luck.

However, the firm has made a conscious effort to segregate its VR division from its Facebook platform, implying that you may not require the latter to enjoy the goods developed by the former. Also, Meta may have abandoned development on its hybrid AR / VR operating system, thus the software on the new headset will likely be comparable to that on the Oculus Quest 2.


How much is an Oculus Quest 3? The Oculus Quest 2 is available in two storage sizes: 128GB and 256GB. That’s a big discount from the original Oculus Quest’s launch pricing. We don’t expect a Quest 3 to be too inexpensive, and Oculus did the same thing when updating the Rift to the Rift S.

Considering Meta’s desire to make its hardware the de-facto mainstream VR platform, it may either make the Quest 3 more accessible (cheaper than the Quest 2) or follow Apple’s lead and raise the price to make the device look more enticing (read: exclusive) ). The Quest 3 might be even more expensive than the Project Cambria headset if it proves to be the superior product.

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