Pasadena sales tax revenue jumped at end of 2021

The Texas Comptroller’s monthly sales tax report showed that the city of Pasadena closed out 2021 with a sharp jump in its receipts.

November saw the city take in some $ 3.43 million in sales tax dollars, but the December receipts showed Pasadena’s pulling in $ 4.68 million, a 36.7 percent month-on-month increase.

That’s an indication the holiday shopping season was very good for Pasadena merchants. Overall, Pasadena pulled in $ 11.35 million in sales tax money in the October-December period.

Monthly sales tax reports are reported six weeks after the fact. The February report, which detailed the December receipts, came out Feb. 11.

The year-on-year numbers can be a bit misleading, as the December 2020 numbers reflected a COVID landscape, while the 2021 figures came at a time as the economy was recovering from a pandemic-induced dampening of activity.

But a comparison of the December 2021 tax receipts to that of the same month of 2019 before coronavirus throttled economic activity shows that Pasadena has seen a gain in sales activity.

December 2019 saw the city take in $ 4.17 million in sales tax revenue, compared to the $ 4.68 million brought in during the same month last year.

Other cities also saw solid sales tax returns in December, and the numbers from La Porte and Deer Park were within an arm’s reach of each other.

La Porte came out ahead, gaining $ 1.2 million of sales tax revenue, as compared to Deer Park’s $ 1.05 million.

In La Porte, December marked the third month out of the last four that the city had topped $ 1 million in monthly sales tax money. Over that period, the city averaged $ 1.06 million in monthly revenue and had accrued $ 4.24 million.

In Deer Park, December was the first time since June the city topped the $ 1 million level in sales tax revenue, but in the July-November period, the city’s sales tax revenue was steady as a drumbeat, averaging $ 872,804.

South Houston continued a pattern where month-to-month sales tax receipts saw very little variation.

The December total amounted to $ 369,126, as compared to the November income of $ 329,879. The last six months of 2021 saw South Houston’s sales tax revenue average $ 338,358.

Shoreacres saw a bit of jump in tax revenue. The December receipts came to $ 17,319, which was a 10 percent rise over the $ 15,747 produced in the same month in 2020.

Morgan’s Point, however, did not fare as well. The tax report showed the city took in $ 64,237 during December, compared to $ 80,364.37 the year before.

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