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Independence Day and Thanksgiving are two of my favorite holidays – each celebrate the beginnings of our nation, with Independence Day paying homage to the facile minds and passionate hearts of our Founding Fathers and Thanksgiving honoring the brave English settlers who set sail from a rather civilized existence in Great Britain into an unknown, and sometimes hostile, New World. There are many traits that shape our country, but perhaps the two leading ones are faith and bravery.

Of course, some fun traditions have grown out of both holidays. On Thanksgiving, we eat and drink a lot, watch parades and football games and enjoy family and friends. eating, drinking and game watching (as long as I can squeeze in the annual viewing of “The National Dog Show”) is a lot of fun. Evenings generally involved board games and movies – it’s a family day from beginning to end.

Independence Day is similar. We consume a lot of food and drink, and although there aren’t any football games to watch, on St. Simons Island, there’s an annual golf cart parade in the village that will put many other spectacles to shame. Dozens of tricked-out carts, their passengers in full patriotic regalia, parade down Mallery Street and celebrate freedom. It’s a Yankee Doodle Dandy time for sure! And don’t forget the fireworks!

After all the festivities are over, I have one more. Every year I watch the musical “1776,” (1972) starring William Daniels as a not-very-lovable John Adams. It’s kitschy, campy, and less than historically accurate, but It’s a fun romp through history and it celebrates the writing and signing of perhaps the most important document in our nation’s history – The Declaration of Independence. Without it, there would have been no US Constitution. So, get out there and enjoy your inalienable rights . Here’s to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

Our Coastal Illustrated feature will get you started. Marti Tolleson, and her staff from Two Friends in Redfern Village, has curated the most perfect Fourth of July celebration you’ve ever seen. It’s simple, elegant and easy to replicate on your porch or patio ..

In the Coastal Home feature, you’ll get top advice from local tastemakers about how to make all your home entertaining ventures look effortless even though they aren’t. From table settings to floral arrangements to place cards, we have everything you’ll need to plan a successful soirée, whether you’re hosting a fancy indoor cocktail party or a themed alfresco celebration.

As always, our columnists are on point. Jim Henderson provides some recipes for libations, including Branch Water, a Texas favorite perfect for this time of year. Anne Ditmer gives us a great list of heat-resistant plants, and finally, Cary Knapp reviews a new memoir, “Left on Tenth: A Second Chance at Life,” by Delia Ephron, the younger sister of the late, and almost universally adored, Nora Ephron. Widowed after a wonderful 40-year marriage, Delia, encouraged by family and friends, began navigating life as a single woman again, now in her 70s. It was during this time that she reconnected with Peter Rutter, whom her late sister had fixed her up with more than 50 years before. And so it goes… who doesn ‘t love second chances and happy endings? Last but not leastreal estate reporter Gordon Jackson has some advice on how to get your house from on the market to sold.

On our Captured pages, we drop in on the Terrill Thomas Foundation Luncheon and A Taste of Gullah, both fabulous events that benefit the community.

And in our Q + As, you’ll meet event planner and entrepreneur Diane Bolen as our Local and Realtor Christina Judd Clarke. Both discuss their families, hobbies, backgrounds and how they like to spend their spare time.

Finally, in Cheri’s Shore Things, we salute the Red, White and Blue – in apparel, accessories and home décor.

As we head into this holiday weekend, and the busiest weeks of the summer season, let’s remember to be kind. Happy Independence Day! Enjoy the issue!


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