Ramadan 2022: UAE resumes Taraweeh prayers after two years – latest COVID-19 protocol explained

The COVID-19 protocol for the month of Ramadan was announced by the National Crisis, Emergency Management Authority (NCEMA) on March 30, Wednesday.

The federal authority stated that Taraweeh prayers and religious lectures will return to mosques during Ramadan, which were suspended for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with announcing the resumption of Taraweeh prayers, NCEMA also updated its guidelines for mosques and worshippers.

Since Ramadan is expected to start on April 2, here are the latest COVID-29 rules for Ramadan.

COVID-19 protocol for mosques

According to NCEMA, the maximum capacity for worshippers will be increased. The changes announced include:

• Women’s prayer halls will return to normal during Ramadan.

• Resumption of daily lessons, and lectures held by the President’s scholar guests in mosques.

• Distribution of bottled or canned drinking water is allowed.

• Volunteers must be present to monitor all precautionary measures in prayer halls, such as wearing masks, commitment to using personal or single-use prayer mats, and adhering to previously announced measures.

Social distancing

Distance of one meter between worshippers will remain in place.

COVID-19 rules for Taraweeh prayers and Tahajjud prayers

• The time between the Isha Adhan –or call to prayer –and the prayer is 20 minutes.

• A period of 45 minutes is devoted to the Isha prayer with the Taraweeh prayer and Witr prayer.

• A time period of no more than 45 minutes is allocated for the Tahajjud prayer for the last 10 nights of Ramadan.

• Worshippers will be aligned in a straight vertical line to facilitate the entry and exit process.

• The Quran will also be distributed provided that they are sterilised after use.

COVID-19 rules for Iftar tents

On March 14, NCEMA had also announced the COVID-19 protocol for Ramadan tents.

If you are planning to attend or set up an Iftar tent for Ramadan, read here to know the rules and regulations for organising an Iftar tent.

Ramadan official dates and work timings for private sector

According to an announcement by the Emirates Astronomical Society, Ramadan is likely to be on April 2, 2022. However, it is important to note that the UAE’s moon-sighting committee announces the start of Ramadan only after the crescent moon for the month of Ramadan is sighted.

The UAE’s moon sighting committee will meet on Friday, April 1, to indicate the start of Ramadan.

Read here to find out the UAE’s working hours, fasting duration, Eid holiday dates here.

Private sector work timings be during Ramadan

On March 15, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) announced that work hours in the private sector would be reduced by two hours every day during Ramadan for the private sector.

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