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In the United States we have a day or month to celebrate most everything, from very important days in history to silly things like pizza day or crazy sock day.

What is your favorite holiday, or do you just make up your own with your family traditions? In the month of March there are many holidays, but I had forgotten a very important one to me personally – Women’s Appreciation Month.

I was brought up in a family with Christian values ​​and where strong mothers were leaders and caring at the same time. Women are different than men, not weaker or stronger but we see things in a different way and solve problems from a different perspective.

It is funny people get all upset about the strength of a person, when they should look at the wisdom or character of a person. History shows how that result works.

The world has had presidents, kings and queens that led a country good and bad, so as we honor women in history this month. Don’t forget where they came from.

Being a mother is one thing only a women can do. Mothers have a way that bond families together and accomplishes good things.

As the song Helen Reddy wrote, “I am Woman” and sang in 1971 is one of my favorite’s songs. I remember this and it shows us women care for more than their own, sort of like the Kool Aid Mom of the 1970s – all the neighbor kids wanted to hang out at that mom’s house.

Women got together and were able start the Red Cross to help during the war. They created all types of inventions and recycled things to help conserve precious resources.

We have so many wonderful women I could write about, but I will just name a few; talk to your kids have them look it up online and find so many wonderful mentors to help others. This will give them to get the confidence to help them do good things helping people.

In Burton we have had wonderful women help our community grow from 1836. This includes teachers, librarians, mayors, politicians, councilwomen, police and firefighters.

Women got together in the 1920s in Grand Blanc and had a meeting for women to have the right to vote.

In the Durant Hotel in downtown Flint was the first meeting for Blue Star Mothers. Loretta Perfectus Walsh was America’s first woman to join the US Navy in 1917.

Well, my favorite was my mother who, for 35 years, was a Scout leader like so many other moms during the Baby Boomer years.

A lot of women were home to keep all the kids rounded up, but some had to work. Now women may have to work and be mom so don’t forget Mother’s Day in May.

Have fun looking for all the brilliant women in your life a mom, grandma, neighbor, gardeners and teaches and tell them thank you.

Let’s all help someone and be a good neighbor this spring.

Remember When is a weekly column in the Burton View featuring historical stories about the community from the Burton Area Historical Society. Mona Ballge can be reached at

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