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THE CAST — The cast of Spinofffrom left to right, Renee Diener (Sheila Mahoney), Eric Koppen (Peter Colton), Victoria Neiser (Laurel Colton), Joshua Bowles (Carlos Ortega), Cher Nentwig (Victoria Wickey) and Richard Nentwig (Willy Nicholas).

OSCODA — For the Shoreline Players, this past weekend proved that the third time is the charm. After two previous attempts to present Spinoff to the community, this past weekend audiences at the Shoreline Players Theater were treated to a series of plot twists, turns and lots of laughs.

The play opens with Laurel Colton, Peter Colton’s daughter, played by Victoria Neiser, cleaning. Laurel, and her friend Carlos Ortega, played by Josh Bowles, discover a briefcase full of money and the fun begins.

The play takes place in the Colton Home in South Pasadena. The audience is envelopes back to the 1970s with the lime green walls, flowered furniture, rotary phone and box television.

The cast, who were clearly having a lot of fun, includes Eric Koppen who plays Peter Colton, a bank employee who is drawn into a scheme by his boss Willy Nicholas, played by Richard Nentwig. Both Koppen and Nentwig had a tremendous amount of dialogue Renee Diener embraced the role of travel agent Sheila. Cher Nentwig stole the show with her sassy portrayal of Peter’s co-worker, and Willy’s girlfriend, Victoria Wickey, who never met a man she didn’t like. Mahoney who is helping Peter plan a surprise vacation.

The play was originally cast to take place in 2019 but was delayed due to the lead actor being hospitalized. With a new cast in place, the play was ready to go again when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and shut down on opening night. With a few new actors the play finally had its opening night on Friday to a small but enthusiastic audience. There were a few technical issues with the sound at the beginning of the play, but they were quickly resolved.


THE MONEY — Carlos (Jooh Bowles) and Laurel (Victoria Neiser) find a briefcase full of money.

Director Diane Teddy worked her way through the audience thanking those who were in attendance. She was clearly happy to see the show come to a theater that had been mostly dark for the past two years. The play was produced by Sue Miller with assistant producer Chelsea Miller. The production crew includes stage manager Nicole Markey, stage crew member Josie Schmidt, lighting designer Eric Joseph, lighting programmer Greg Gjerde, and sound designer JD Hock. The tech crew includes both Millers, and Coral DeGraff.

Set design was by Joseph and Teddy with construction by Joseph, Greg Gjerde, Sue Miller, Diane Teddy, Brian Teddy, Aaron Nelson and Josh Bowles. Set painting and furnishing was completed by Diane Teddy and Renee Diener. Lisa Mandeville created the program, tickets and cast board and manages the box office. Tammie Miller is the concessions manager.

Spinoff Is written by Jack Sharkey and is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc. Sharkey wrote his first play in 1965 and published 83 plays during his career before his death in 1992. The play is appropriate for all audiences.

Run time is 90 minutes with a 15-minute intermission complete with refreshments.

For those who missed the play this weekend you still have a few opportunities to catch it. Upcoming show dates are April 1 and 2 at 7 pm, and April 3 at 2 pm at the Shoreline Players Theater, 6000 N. Skeel Ave., in the Wurtsmith District of Oscoda, next to the Robert J. Parks Library.

Tickets can be purchased at the box office, prior to each show. For information about upcoming productions visit or call 739-3586.


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