Independence Day Roundup: Celebration opportunities abound in Smyth, surrounding areas over holiday weekend | Community

Smyth County News & Messenger A long holiday weekend is ahead abundant with opportunities to celebrate this country’s independence. From bands to car shows to fireworks, Southwest Virginia is offering up an array of red, white, and blue festivities. Folks can kick off the weekend Friday evening at Hungry Mother State Park with Music in … Read more

Today, St. John’s Day, is Midsummer’s Eve | Blogs

Today is June 24. It is the day of the Feast of St. John the Baptist, or St. John’s Day, celebrating the Baptist’s birth, which was traditionally thought to have been six months before the birth of Christ. Before I say more about St. John’s Day, let me tell you some other things that today … Read more

A monthlong sales tax holiday on groceries in Tennessee | Business

Tennessee will offer a sales tax-free holiday for “food and food ingredients” purchased during August. It’s among the tax cuts totaling $ 300 million included in the state’s $ 52.8 billion budget for the new fiscal year, which is set to begin on July 1. Gov. Bill Lee signed into law an act passed by … Read more

Fairfield Village Activities Group considers reducing schedule for summer | Lifestyle

Unless there is a sign-up sheet for an activity, there is, unfortunately, practically no way to predict attendance for an event. The number of Fairfield Village (FFV) Activities Group members present for the Saturday, June 11, “Meet and Greet” Breakfast ”was reduced by at least three. Two of the most enthusiastic workers, Darlene Preston and … Read more

Nicole A. Taylor Writes the Book on Juneteenth Eats

Juneteenth, the day that commemorates the end of slavery when a quarter-million formerly enslaved people of Texas learned of their freedom two years after the Emancipation Proclamation, has been celebrated for more than 150 years. The prospect of honoring the gravity of the day while celebrating the elation that freedom brings can seem challenging, but … Read more

Juneteenth Kick Off: Library opens holiday events | News

VALDOSTA – The McMullen Southside Library observed its 30-year anniversary by jump-starting Valdosta’s 30th Annual Juneteenth Celebration Monday. Kathy James, branch manager, said it is tradition for Juneteenth to be celebrated as a whole week and not just June 19. “We’ve been running with it for the past six years that I’ve been here. It’s … Read more

Q & A: Athens author Nicole Taylor discusses her Juneteenth cookbook | Eat & Drink

Nicole Taylor — a James Beard Award-nominated cookbook author, producer and fourth-generation Athenian — remembers her mother telling her a story about red birds when she was a child. Now Taylor has written the first-ever Juneteenth cookbook titled “Watermelon and Red Birds: A Cookbook for Juneteenth and Black Celebrations. ”Published by Simon & Schuster, the … Read more

SNAP Schedule: When June 2022 CalFresh Benefits Disburse in California

vgajic / Getty Images CalFresh, California’s SNAP, provides monthly food assistance to low-income households that meet state and federal eligibility guidelines. Benefits are distributed monthly to CalFresh accounts linked to CalFresh EBT cards. Read More: Stimulus Updates To Know for Spring 2022Find Out: Here’s How Much Cash You Need Stashed if a National Emergency Happens … Read more

Food Expert Capri Cafaro on the Kaleidoscope of Culinary Traditions in the Midwest

The Midwest, also known as America’s Heartland, is home to a myriad of cultures. Immigration, over hundreds of years, has played a key role in developing its diverse food traditions, apparent in its variety of delicious dishes—like classic Swedish meatballs, Polish perogies, German bratwurst, and hearty macaroni and cheese casseroles. Midwest food expert Capri Cafaro … Read more