A New Editor Takes the Reins of the Struggling’Burlington Free Press’ | Media | Seven Days

click to enlarge Luke Awtry Aki Soga at Free Press headquarters in Williston Playful pit bulls, White House holiday traditions and summer reading reviews: That’s the skimpy fare provided these days by the once-proud Burlington Free PressIt’s a jarring step down from the news and analysis that once made the state’s flagship newspaper a must-read. … Read more

What to do this Fourth of July Weekend in Twin Falls

It is finally here. The best weekend of the summer and one of the best holidays of the year, the Fourth of July. Time to take a few days off work, show your American pride, drink some beer, eat some food, and enjoy There is much to do and there is much to do and … Read more

Debbie Ngarewa-Packer: Save the sea beds

Peter Thomson (centre), the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for the Ocean, holds up the Nature Baton at the Youth and Innovation Forum at Carcavelos Beach near Lisbon, Portugal. To his right is oceans activist Jason Momoa. OPINION: Our first annual indigenous holiday was a huge success, with schools, businesses, cities, towns and media embracing … Read more

Opinion: Christmas sales yes. Matariki sales no. Why?

Matariki is an important event for Māori. Photo / Supplied OPINION: Memo to Elton John: Sorry is no longer the hardest word. Because it seems we have apologies coming out of our ears at the moment. The latest one is from retailer Babycity. It’s saying sorry for promoting a Matariki sale. Matariki, of course, is … Read more

Ministry of Education unveils new academic calendar for 1444 AH

Saudi Gazette report RIYADH — The Ministry of Education has unveiled the new academic calendar for the year of 1444 AH. The new calendar includes several changes regarding vacations and the actual number of school days. The ministry decided to increase the number of actual school days by two days, to be 185 days instead … Read more

Sacred hares, banished winter witches & pagan worship – the ancient roots of Easter Bunny traditions

Posted Apr 14, 2022, 7:52 am Tok Thompson USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences / The Conversation The Easter Bunny is a much celebrated character in American Easter celebrations. On Easter Sunday, children look for hidden special treats, often chocolate Easter eggs, that the Easter Bunny might have left behind. As a folklorist, … Read more

Nicola Alpe: Top 4 ways to enjoy a holiday and avoid a family hell-iday

LifestyleUpdated 5 Apr, 2022 08:11 PM4 minutes to read Nicola Alpe gives the top 4 ways to avoid a family hell-iday these school holidays. Photo / Getty Images Opinion: Family holiday or family hell-iday? For the first school holiday in what seems like an eternity, we needn’t worry about lockdowns, self-isolation upon return, vaccination drives … Read more

Nu Chocolat Finds Sweet Success With Mascoma Bank | Paid Post | Business | Seven Days

Luke Awtry Kevin Toohey, owner, Nu Chocolat Some artists work in oils. The artisan owners of Nu Chocolat in Burlington work in chocolate — rich, layered and expertly accented. Think hazelnut crisp bars, candied Italian orange slices and fleur de sel caramels. The true masterpiece, though, is Kevin and Laura Toohey’s truffle — a perfect … Read more