A Life Coach’s Personal Playbook

Life coach Kristen Glosserman shares the key lessons that help her keep going onward and upward Ignore your oppressive to-do list, life coach Kristen Glosserman says. Replace it with a shorter, more powerful and encouraging “do list” each day. Make one of the items on it your “commit”: If you accomplish nothing else, at The … Read more

Food Expert Capri Cafaro on the Kaleidoscope of Culinary Traditions in the Midwest

The Midwest, also known as America’s Heartland, is home to a myriad of cultures. Immigration, over hundreds of years, has played a key role in developing its diverse food traditions, apparent in its variety of delicious dishes—like classic Swedish meatballs, Polish perogies, German bratwurst, and hearty macaroni and cheese casseroles. Midwest food expert Capri Cafaro … Read more