TV prices slashed for July 4th sale with up to 45% off | Samsung, Amazon, Walmart, more

The Insignia TV, a Best Buy brand, is ready to offer one million streaming movies and TV episodes and has Alexa skills. (Courtesy of Best Buy)

Television technology has advanced dramatically, making it enticing to upgrade your home screen. Today you can cozy up on the couch and tell Alexa to change the channel or start your favorite streaming service in ultra-high definition on 8K.

If you want the latest and greatest smart TV with the highest definition on an 85-inch screen (or smaller), July 4th weekend and holiday sales are a great time to shop. Deals include top technology at Samsung, Amazon, Walmart and more.

Note that sales vary, even within a store. For example, sometimes smaller TVs of the same brand from the same retailer are more expensive than the larger model. Look below at a curated list of top deals available this holiday weekend.

Consider picking up television mounting hardware and a soundbar system to complete your purchase.

Samsung QLED TV

Samsung QLED TVs offer some of the best high-definition images. (Courtesy of Samsung)

  • 85-inch Samsung Class 8K TV | QN900A Samsung Neo QLED Smart TV ($ 4,999.99, originally $ 8,999.99, Samsung): This smart TV has an ultra-slim profile, some of the highest definition available and advanced sound quality all at a discounted price for the sale.
  • 85-inch Samsung Class 8K TV | QN800A Samsung Neo QLED Smart TV ($ 3,999.99, originally $ 6,499.99, Samsung): Get similar features to the previous listing.
  • 75-inch Fire TV Omni Series Smart TV ($ 749.99, originally $ 1099.99, Amazon): Get ultra-HD and good sound, as well as Alexa compatibility.
  • 70-inch VIZIO Class M6 Series 4K QLED HDR Smart TV ($ 648, originally $ 1,214.58, Walmart): The Vizio M-Series can display more than a billion colors for pictures with an incredible color spectrum.
  • 65-inch Samsung Class 8K TV | QN900A Samsung Neo QLED Smart TV ($ 3,999.99, originally $ 6,499.99, Samsung): The ultra viewing angle feature means no glare and enhanced color wherever you’re sitting.
  • 65-inch Samsung QN90A Neo QLED 4K UHD ($ 1,599.99, originally $ 1,899.99, Best Buy): 4K AI Upscaling means the television transforms everything you watch to higher definition.
  • 55-inch Fire TV Omni Series Smart TV ($ 299.99, $ 559.99, Amazon): Fire TV integrates live over-the-air TV and streaming channels. The TV is available in different sizes.
Samsung QLED TV 2

Today’s Samsung TVs have thin profiles. Be certain to purchase the right mounting hardware. (Courtesy of Walmart)

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TVs are Alexa-enabled. (Courtesy of Amazon)

  • 43-inch Fire TV Omni Series Smart TV ($ 299.99, originally $ 409.99, Amazon): Also available at 55-inches for the same price.
  • 32-inch Insignia Class N10 Series LED HD TV ($ 109.00, originally $ 169.99, Best Buy): This simple, inexpensive TV has clear images and natural color with an LED flat-screen and 720p HD resolution.
  • 32-inch Insignia HD Smart Fire TV ($ 99.99, originally $ 179.99, Amazon): A smaller Fire TV still allows you to watch more than one million streaming movies and TV episodes with access to tens of thousands of channels, apps and Alexa skills.

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