“We are eagerly awaiting the start of the holiday season in the Baltic Sea region”

Due to inflation, huge price increases and low purchasing power, an obvious reluctance to spend can currently be observed on the part of consumers. “Admittedly, we are now also seeing a certain lull in consumption in early summer, as people simply have less money. in their pockets. Still, we have good hope that fresh produce consumption will pick up again at the beginning of the summer vacations by the end of June / beginning of July. We are therefore eagerly awaiting the approaching start of the holiday season in the Baltic Sea region, “says Fatih Güdük (r), Managing Director of the Rostock-based trading company of the same name.

Still, they have been able to sell relatively well in the past spring months, the fruit wholesaler continues. “Although the domestic campaign ended early, we look back on a good asparagus season overall, in which we were able to sell decent quantities. At the moment, strawberries are still top of the list for our buyers, although they are now slowly being replaced by sweet cherries, as is usual for the season. “

The lion’s share of the fruit and vegetable assortment is sourced through the Hamburg wholesale market / Photo: Güdük

Cherries from Macedonia and Slovakia
When it comes to cherries, Güdük carries a diversified portfolio with numerous origins. “German, ie regional cherries, are now gradually coming into the trade, but meanwhile we also offer Spanish, Italian and Greek batches. Since our regular supplier at the Hamburg wholesale. market also maintains close ties with the Balkan region, we’ve also already had very good quality cherries from Macedonia as well as goods from Slovakia. “

Difficult general conditions
As one of a handful of fruit traders in Rostock, Güdük has become an international contact point for restaurateurs, market pickers, specialist retailers and –for just under two years now –even private buyers. “The latter group is visibly gaining in importance and is Also being actively expanded by us. “Regardless of the sales area in question, Güdük points out that prices are trending upward.” Corona has come to an end, yet the market is incomparable to the pre-Corona situation. The ubiquitous cost increases, Whether related to transport, packaging or otherwise, are having a noticeable impact on food prices, especially of fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, that’s the environment we have to deal with these days. “

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