When is Whitsun 2022? Religious day and bank holiday explained

The spring bank holiday is connected to the Christian day (Picture: Getty)

Whitsun is another important date in the Christian calendar – taking place after Holy Week and Easter.

It’s also connected to the UK’s spring bank holiday, which has moved around over the years.

So, just what is Whitsun, when is it, and is the bank holiday on the same day?

Here is everything you need to know.

What is Whitsun?

In a nutshell: Whitsun is the UK’s name for Pentecost.

Pentecost is a day commemorated in Christianity by many different denominations – including Anglicans, Catholics, Methodists, and Orthodox Christians.

The Virgin Mary and the apostles in a stained glass window.

Pentecost is when Christ’s disciples felt the Holy Spirit (Picture: Getty)

It takes place on the seventh Sunday after Easter, which is exactly 50 days later.

Christians mark Whitsun because it is written in the Holy Bible that on this day, the Apostles (disciples) of Jesus Christ felt the Holy Spirit descend on them. A white dove is often used to symbolise this.

Another name you might hear for Pentecost is’Whit Sunday’ – which is (naturally) where’Whitsun’ comes from.

In the UK, there has long been a public bank holiday associated with Whitsun.

When is Whitsun 2022?

In 2022, Whitsun takes place on Sunday, June 5.

This is the religious day – however, it is not when the bank holiday itself occurs (as it’s a Sunday).

White dove flying in sky

White doves are associated with Whitsun (Picture: Getty)

The 2022 Whitsun bank holiday will instead take place on Thursday, June 2..

Before 1971, this bank holiday would have occurred on Whit Monday, the day after Whitsun.

However, the UK government moved the day off to always fall on the last Monday of May from 1971 onwards – so it took place a few weeks after the ‘early May bank holiday’.

It is referred to nowadays as the’spring bank holiday’.

That begs the question: Why in 2022 does it take place in June, and on a Thursday?

Queen Elizabeth II

The spring or Whitsun bank holiday is happening later… due to The Queen (Picture: Samir Hussein / WireImage)

Well, it has been moved to a slightly later date so that Britons can celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

People all across the UK will soon be enjoying a four-day weekend in honor of Her Majesty’s 70-year reign, with an extra bank holiday being added on Friday, June 3 for good measure.

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