Whit Monday and how it is celebrated around the world

Whit Monday is a Christian religious festival that is celebrated the day after Pentecost or Whitsun.

The day, which is also known as Monday of the Holy Spirit, is a moveable feast in the Christian calendar and is a public holiday around the world.

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But what is Whit Monday, and when is it in 2022? Here’s what you need to know.

Pope Francis (C) leads a Pentecost mass, on May 20, 2018 at St Peter’s basilica in Vatican.

When is Whit Monday?

Whit Monday will fall on 6 June 2022 for Western Christians and 21 June 2022 for Eastern Christians.

It is a moveable feast, as Whit Monday is always celebrated 50 days after Easter. The date of Easter depends on when the first full moon after the spring equinox is.

Eastern Christianity celebrates religious events on different dates as their religious calendar is calculated through the Julian calendar, rather than the Gregorian one.

What is the history behind Whit Monday?

Whit Monday, according to the Roman Catholic church, is also known as the Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

It also marks the Ordinary Time, which is the period between Easter and Christmas.

In 2018, Pope Francis added a new liturgical feast on Whit Monday to celebrate the Virgin Mary under the title of Mother of the Church which was conferred upon her during the Second Vatican Council.

Whit Monday derives its name from Pentecost, also known as Whitsun, which is a date to commemorate the day the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles during the Feast of Weeks.

It was during this time the Apostles were also given the’gift of tongues’, a spiritual gift that allows a supernatural ability to speak in a language unknown to the speaker.

In many countries where Whitsun and Whit Monday are celebrated, Whit Monday is also known as’the second day of Pentecost’ or’the second Whitsun’.

In the Eastern Orthodox Church, Whit Monday is known as Monday of the Holy Spirit, marking the first day of the after feast of Pentecost to commemorate God and the Holy Spirit.

The day after Whit Monday is also known as the Third Day of the Trinity.

Participants of the Koetztinger Whitsun ride ride their horses near Bad Koetzting, southern Germany, on May 25, 2015. The procession with 900 riders taking part is one of the most ancient customs in Bavaria.

How is Whit Monday celebrated?

Whit Monday is a public holiday in many parts of the world, from Montserrat, across Europe, to Togo.

In France, Whit Monday became a’worked public holiday’ in 2005, for people to raise extra funds following the Government’s lack of preparation for a summertime heatwave, leading to a shortage of mobility for the elderly.

In countries like Liechtenstein, Whit Monday is considered to be a’favourite holiday’ much like Christmas in other countries, and in South Tyrol, an autonomous province in Northern Italy, it replaces the holiday of the local patron saint.

Since 1871, Whit Monday was celebrated as a bank holiday in the UK, but this was changed in 1971.

From 1972, we now have the Spring Bank Holiday on the last Monday of May to replace it.

This year, the Spring Bank Holiday is Thursday 2 June, as the bank holiday has been pertaining to create a four day weekend to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

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