Wisconsin matchmaker does her homework in random places

RACINE, Wis. — Were you single, divorced or widowed on Valentine’s Day and wishing you weren’t? Racine resident Lori Mendelsohn might be able to secure you a relationship by next year’s holiday… or at least get you mentally and physically ready for one ..

Mendelsohn, 66, is a matchmaker, dating coach and dating app profile writer serving the southeast Wisconsin area — but will work with people around the country virtually.

It started when Mendelsohn was 19. She was working in the fashion industry at the time. And, just acting as a caring friend, she introduced 16 couples. The couples eventually ended up getting married.

“It just kept happening,” Mendelsohn said. “It’s intuitive, it’s a gift that I have.”

After continuing working in the fashion business for 33 years, she started matching up couples professionally and full-time when she founded her business, Smart Funny Single, in 2019.

But her business also had inspiration stemming from a life disturbance. Mendelsohn got divorced in 2017 and struggled with shock. She sunk deep into negative thinking and made a lot of mistakes. But then Mendelsohn said she started working on herself, something she had been putting. off her entire life.

She figured out how to date and now is glad she’s divorced, the Racine Journal Times reported.

Her innate talent is, she said, besides setting up people she already knows, she’s always networking in order to find matches for Smart Funny Single clients. She’ll hang out in random places, approach anyone and start talking to him or her. In addition, she asks friends, sifts through LinkedIn and posts on Facebook to find matches. She also works with other matchmakers and their databases, seeing who they know.

One of these collaborations is with Arlene Washburn, founder of AVConnexions, a matchmaking service based in New Jersey.

“That’s where the value is. We do all the work,” Mendelsohn said. “You’re not going to get catfished or stood up. You’re not going to be put in danger; we check for a criminal background. We hone in on what you want rather than having you go on a zillion dates. We prioritize your time. “

Recently, Mendelsohn’s pivoted to focus more on coaching people virtually, and not so much matchmaking, especially as less people were going out during the brunt of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

During a coaching session, Mendelsohn teaches people how to use dating apps effectively, how to narrow a search, helps to update online profile photos, helps with styling and fashion and gives tips and suggestions on how to act on a date.

She gets to know clients, learning about their childhood, parental relationships and their first romantic relationship. She then sees if there’s any beliefs holding the client back from finding the perfect person, such as thinking of being too ugly, too fat, too thin, unlovable or unworthy of a romantic relationship — and works to reverse them.

Coaching is usually an hour per session and it generally takes between 5 to 10 sessions over a period of two to three months to “graduate,” Mendelsohn said.

The best part in running her business has been the obvious, helping people find love, she said.

“It brings me complete joy to find people love and watch them get into relationships,” she said. “People live longer when they’re coupled. We’re genetically meant to be coupled. There’s nothing better than being in love, having someone who has your back and is there for you. We all want that. “

One piece of advice Mendelsohn gives singles is to be open and curious. Don’t come with preconceived notions or stereotypes of people who are interested in certain things. ‘t “ghosting” you if you’ve only exchanged a few words and suddenly they’re not replying.

“You must keep the faith,” Mendelsohn said, “that your person is also looking for you like you’re looking for them.”

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