Woman divides opinion after boyfriend refuses to change holiday for her birthday

A WOMAN was left stunned after her boyfriend refused to change his holiday plans for her birthday –but people are divided.

She explained how her partner, who she had been dating for 18 months, initially said he would not be on holiday for the day of her birthday.


A woman was left upset when her partner planned a holiday with friends over her birthdayCredit: Alamy

However, despite him saying he would be back in time for her birthday –to which they had booked a hotel and spa break together –he then changed his mind.

She wrote: “A few months ago, [he] booked a 7-day holiday with friends for the week before my birthday.

“Half of the group are coming back on the dates preceding my birthday, the other half are staying for a few days extra and coming back after my birthday.

“[He] assured me that he would be returning with the first half of the group and so would be back in time for my birthday, and I could go ahead and book some things in, so I booked us a spa and hotel break.

“He has now announced, tonight, that he actually wants to come back with the second group and therefore will be missing my birthday, and has suggested I take someone else on the spa and hotel break.

“Understandably, I am upset, not only because I feel let down and not prioritised, but also because I booked the spa break and hotel with a romantic getaway in mind.”

She said that he told her to go with someone else, but she said she would struggle to find someone at short notice.

She asked fellow Mumsnet users if she was being unreasonable in her reaction-to which she received a mixed response.

Siding with her, one person wrote: “You’re not being unreasonable. He made plans with you. That’s really crappy.”

Another commented: “At first I thought you were being a bit precious, but you’ve booked something, that he agreed to, now he wants to cancel? Nah, that s ** t.”

A third added: “How hurtful. I’d be devastated and furious.”

However, taking a differing opinion, a fourth insisted: “You are being unreasonable –you are not a child.”

Someone else wrote: “He may not think birthdays are quite as important as you do though. My family never made a particularly big deal out of birthdays and not many people I know do.”

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Many said they'd be annoyed if he didn't change his holiday


Many said they’d be annoyed if he didn’t change his holidayCredit: Alamy

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