World’s top 10 safest destinations for family vacation

Every parent knows that planning a family vacation with kids is always a challenging task.

With all the requirements, conveniences and general safety levels of the area or country to be sure your family can vacation worry-free, picking a destination can be a headache.

In order to help the parents, travel experts did some extensive research, analyzing a range of variables such as overall safety, family-friendly accommodations, child-friendly restaurants and family activities available across a range of popular destinations to discover and reveal which holiday spots are the most suitable for families looking for a safe yet enjoyable location.

The 10 safest family-friendly vacation destinations in the world:

Rank Country City Peace Index Score / 5 % of Family-Friendly Hotels % of Child-Friendly Restaurants % of Child-Friendly Activities and Attractions Family Safety Score / 10
1 Switzerland Zurich 1.32 18.59% 34.44% 27.03% 7.81
2 Greece Heraklion 1.93 17.69% 35.88% 34.01% 7.45
3 Denmark Copenhagen 1.26 14.64% 27.60% 19.81% 7.02
3 Austria Vienna 1.32 16.98% 37.00% 18.15% 7.02
Five Portugal Lisbon 1.27 11.51% 36.71% 24.38% 6.91
6 Spain Madrid 1.62 22.04% 28.39% 23.90% 6.89
7 Belgium Brussels 1.5 1.5 12.20% 37.48% 28.90% 6.76
7 UAE Dubai 1.85 23.41% 18.18% 30.30% 6.76
9 Italy Rome 1.65 28.34% 40.70% 21.87% 6.58
9 Canada Vancouver 1.33 19.40% 25.75% 19.00% 6.58

According to the research: According to the research:

  • Zurich, Switzerland comes out on top as the safest city for families to visit, with a family safety score of 7.81/10. It ranks third on our crime index and with an annual average temperature of 9.3 Celsius, running a little on the cooler side.
  • Heraklion, Greece takes 2nd place as the second-best, with a family safety score of 7.45/10. It ranks fourth on our crime index and with an annual average temperature of 19 degrees Celsius, it’s a safe city with agreeable temperatures.
  • Copenhagen, Denmark and Austria, Vienna have both ranked 3rd, with a family safety score of 7.02 / 10.

The research has also revealed that:

  • The best holiday destinations for family-friendly accommodation are Orlando, FL, United States with 58.93% of family-friendly hotels, followed by Las Vegas, NV, United States, with 28.73% of Family-friendly Hotels and Rome, Italy with 28.34% of Family-friendly Hotels.
  • The best holiday destinations for family-friendly dining out are Florence, Italy with 48.36% of family-friendly restaurants, followed by Venice, Italy with 44.94% of family-friendly restaurants and Rome, Italy with 40.7% of family-friendly restaurants.
  • The best holiday destinations for family-friendly activities are Pattaya, Thailand with 35.5% of family-friendly activities, followed by Heraklion, Greece with 34.01% of family-friendly activities and Orlando, FL, United States with 33.93% of family-friendly activities ..

The experts have revealed their top 5 tips to stay safe when traveling abroad:

1 – Do your research on the country’s cultures, norms, traditions and languages ​​before travelingThis will not only help you find your way around, but you’ll learn about currencies, local conventions and traditions and get a sense of the culture.

2 – Be wise about your valuablesOnly take the bare minimum when venturing out. Credit card, phone and a copy of your passport are all you need. Don’t carry lots of cash and keep an eye on your belongings.

3 – Book everything aheadBooking ahead will make your life easier, you’ll be able to plan your route for the transport hub to your accommodation easily. Being aware of your route will avoid you ending up getting lost, making it safer for you and your kids.

Four – Give a set of contact details to all your companions.Address and number of the accommodation, your own contact number, anything that can trace back to you. Then, put it in a safe in a zip pocket on each of your kid’s clothing.

Five – If you get separated or get lost, arrange a meeting pointIt’s easy to get lost when you’re in a crowded area, so you should pick a rendez-vous point. And if your kids get lost, ensure they know what to do if they can’t find you (eg find a policeman , another family with kids, a staff member).

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